Maxx Range Rover Mk2 Stainless Steel Side Steps Fitting

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Maxx Range Rover Stainless Steel Side Steps

Installation Guide

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These side steps are very easy to install at home on the driveway using basic tools.

Step 1. Open the box and remove the contents. The main box will contain a pair of foam wrapped side steps and a secondry box will contain 4 no. Powder coated brackets plus a fitting kit containing nuts, bolts and washers. A picture board and written installation guide are also included. It is best to leave the foam wrapping in place until the steps are actually mounted onto the vehicle.

Step 2. Look under the vehicle and locate the large rectangular plastic blocks ( One front and one rear) You must remove these blocks using a large flat head screw driver or lever bar. They will be very tight but will pop out with a bit of force. Levering from the back is usually the best way to do it.

Once removed you can see a large hole exposed inside a rectangular indentation. These holes are the fixing points for the brackets.

Step 3. Carefully insert the plate nuts supplied into the holes and center then using a small screw driver or pencil. The offer up the correct bracket and gently start off the thread. Hand tighten each bracket leaving some free play for later adjustment.

Step 4. With the help of a friend offer up the steps and attach using the parts supplied. If at this point the brackets do not line up (By a couple of inches) it will mean that you have the brackets fitted incorrectly. The picture board included with the kit will show the correct fitment.

Step 5. Adjust steps until satisfied and fully tighten all nuts. There is no need to over tighten but please check all fixings within a couple of weeks.

Repeat for other side.

Tools required are sockets, spanners and a long flat head screwdriver or lever bar.

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