May 2008 Changes To eBay Feedback Policy

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Come May 15th, 2007 the new eBay feedback policy system will come into effect, for those of you who do not know what is all about, it means that sellers will not be able to leave negative or neutral feedback for their buyers only positive feedback, so buyers can leave any feedback for the seller, and all previous negative feedback left for buyers will be automatically removed by the end of May 2008, but this review is not about the new announcement is about why some sellers are feel hurt about this change.

This review is written to address this misunderstanding, it is a “misunderstanding”, as the change is not meant to give the buyers unfair advantage, this change actually builds/restores buyer confidence in the seller, as it will easily expose dubious and fraudulent sellers in eBay, such sellers will now know they have no hiding place in eBay.

This change is long overdue, if you feel is an unfair advantage, try out Amazon, there SIMILAR RULES APPLIES there from day one (Even stricter than eBay) or Play, eBay provides the most fair trading ground among most online market shops

My advice to sellers is to describe as clearly as possible these three points

Item condition i.e. if is new or used state this clearly at to top together with any relevant information support this claim with pictures (cameras is very affordable now no excuses there and there a numerous free image hosting sites in eBay like note eBay is coming up with free image hosting soon

Item location, i.e. if the item is anywhere in the world this should be clearly stated, not seller in UK and item is shipped from China without the buyer knowing this before committing to bid or buy because the buyer is not buying the seller, I have seen some listing where the seller states that his/her part ends when they post the item and I wonder whether the transaction has ended in the post office at the seller end, this is clearly wrong because the postal service is part of the “Binding” Contract drawn up by the seller so the postal service is part of the transaction

Postal service including expected delivery date, sellers should endeavour to inform the buyer that their item has been posted thereby the buyers will know when to expect the item based on the postal service he/she paid. This will save a lot on questions from their buyers

These easy points will avoid negative feedbacks, when this change takes effect the only people that will lose are the dubious or fraudulent user’s not the genuine one’s that help build eBay reputation

My advice for buyers is to use feedback as the last thing to do at the end of a transaction, if you are experiencing any problems with seller, always communicate with the seller (if the complain is about not receiving item and is Royal Mail) allow at least 14 days, but leave honest plain feedback about your experience with that particular transaction so that eBayer's can identify"the wheat from the chaff" easily

Remember all, every buyer vis-à-vis a seller on eBay

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