Mazda Eunos or Mx5 Mx-5 hood roof faqs and answers

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Just some helpful info for you, taken from the faq's we get.

Q: Will the hoods fit the uk mx5's or the Eunos/Miata imports?

A: Yes, as they are the same car with different international names.

Q: Is vat included?

A: Yes, we are a vat registered uk company.

Q: Is the window included with the new hood?

A: Yes, but you can choose the clear vyback or heated glass window option (price varies).

Q: Can you fit the hood with glass window from the mk2 model to my older pop-up light model?

A: Yes, no problem.

Q: Which is best, vinyl or mohair?

A: Purely a matter of choice. Vinyl is easier to clean with a sponge & soapy water. The mohair is a bit like canvas/peach fuzz so a very soft brush and soapy water is the order of the day. We use son-of-a-gun vinyl hood protector. It is a liquid protector that gives a lovely shine and keeps the hood supple and makes it last longer.

Q: What colour would you recommend for my car?

A: Its a matter of personal opinion but. Tan goes very well with black and green/burgandy cars. Blue goes very well with that vivid factory blue car colour, as the darker navy hood seems to break up the bright blue of the car's colour and gives it a smashing individual look. Black or navy blue seems to go well with silver/white cars. Untimately, the choice is yours.

Q: which is the cheapest hood?

A: Vinyl with clear vybak rear window.

Q: Are they easy to fit?

A: Depend on your natural diy ability. We have never had anyone fail yet but stories of 5-8 hours are not unheard of. It takes 2 of our experts around 2 hours to fit as we fit around 150-200 per year. 

Q: If there any sort of guarantee with the hood.

A: Yes, a full years manufacturers warranty against faulty workmanship and materials.

Q: Can you fit me in at short notice.

A: If we are not extremely busy and if we have your choice of hood in stock, we will try and fit you in.

Q: What can I do for 2/3 hours while my new hood is being fitted.

A: We are happy to drop you up the Cribbs cuaseway shopping mall which has a cinema/coffee shops and lots and lots of other shops. We will call you when we are finished and collect you.

Q: Do you take credit cards?

A: We accept all major credit/debit cards/cash/paypal.

Q: Do you do servicing?

A: We can service your car if required, and stamp your service book and provide a reciept. Let us know in advance.

Q: Can I leave my car with you as I have a lift to work.

A: Yes, you can leave it with us and pick it up anytime you are ready. You can even leave it with us after work (Before 6pm) and pick it up the following evening (before 6pm) so you dont have to miss a days work. Just let us know.

Q: What are your opening hours.

A: Mon-Sat, 10am-6pm

Tel 0117 982 1267

Address is.......

Awesome Imports

B1 Hallen ind. est.

Severn rd.


Bristol BS10 7SE

Not sure if we are allowed to put our contact details on this review but our ebay shop and adverts should disclose these details. Or visit

Feel free to ask any questions.

Hope these details should be of some use.

kind regards

Awesome Imports

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