Measuring for new net curtains

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On Measuring Your Windows For New Net Curtains

When you're buying new net curtains (or any curtains for that matter) it is important to measure carefully so you don't end up with nets that are too short or too long for your windows, nothing looks worse than nets that finish six inches shy of the window sill or floor (if you are going for a floor length net). Measure from the net rod or tension wire to the window sill or floor then take off a centimetre from the length so that the nets don't drag on the window sill or floor and collect dirt or moisture from condensation etc. When measuring the width it's best to order two and a half times to give a nice full look to your new nets if the nets aren't full enough they won't provide the required opacity you will want in order to ensure privacy.
And remember as with all do it yourself tasks, measure twice and cut once, you don't want to receive your lovely new curtains and unwrap them only to find you've made a mistake in your measurements and they don't fit your windows, this can be a costly mistake and these items are not cheap and if they have been cut to your measurements they won't be returnable as the vendor would not be able to resell them.
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