Measuring up a room

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Measuring up your room is a simple step that must be taken before ordering/buying any carpet or underlay.
You must however remember that when you purchase carpet it will come in a width. Most of ours are 4m wide. This means that you will need to purchase the smallest wall size * the carpet width. 
For example. Room size of 3.5m by 2.3 metre. You would need 4m by 2.3m of roll. Alternatively if your room was 1.1m by 2.9m you would need 1.1m x 4m. This will give you carpet left over which you can keep.
If your room is longer than 4m on both sides our skilled fitters can advise what carpet to buy and seem the carpet together.
Always add on 5cm on each side of the carpet to ensure enough to negotiate this fiddly bits, or a cupboard which may be set back from the wall.
Hope this helps.

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