Member ID topycae - Buyer tries to get discounts after won bid

Like if this guide is helpful
I never experienced any problems in ebay since I joined. But there is always a first time when you will find a buyer that is going to try a fast ball. This is the case with a member under the ID "Topycae".
I decided to write this guide to help fellow member that may have been selling items for a short period. Members like to Topycae use all sort methods including threatening you with negative feedback in order to get refunds or discounts on a bid he won.
This member also try to scare you by telling you that he has been a member in ebay for long time and if you still dont bend your arm to his threats he will start making up all sort of discrepancies with the item. He will try to persuade you and you have to stand on your ground.
The best approach for these type of members is to be very clear in what you can and cannot do. Be aware of Ebay selling policy. Dont believe there is a rule based on his words is just trying to scare you.
If he persist, contact Ebay customer support. There are different methods to counter act members like this. Members like this are opportunistic and Ebay should be inform about the way they operate.
If you need some advice, drop me a line and I will be happy to help.
Happy bidding ;)

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