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The speed (class) of a memory card is important for two reasons -  read and write speeds.
A card's  read speed (Mb/s, mega bytes per second) describes how fast data can be retrieved from a card. This performance is seen when transferring card contents to computers and printers for example. A faster read speed will transfer images to your computer more rapidly.
The  write speed describes how fast images can be saved onto a card, which is important when shooting bursts of images in continuous shooting mode, HD video or when using high resolution cameras that shoot particularly large files.

Therefore if you're doing  sports photography, especially with a high continuous burst shooting mode, you will need a card with a fast writing speed.

For the average user, newer compact cameras (ie those cameras the average person will take on holiday with them), are taking higher and higher mega-pixel images. And therefore to give your camera the chance to operate at its best, it is recommended to purchase a faster speed memory card (Class 10).

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