Memory Pillows are they worth it ?

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Lets face it these are quite expensive for a pillow, I hope this guide helps you decide if they are what you are looking for .

It must be said these take a little getting used to if like me you are used to having two big feather and down pillows. That said though please persivere it is well worth it once you have got the hang of it its is simply the best nights sleep you will have had in ages.

I decided to try one of these pillows after the doctor diagnosed a virtabrea in my neck was a bit out of sync with the rest. Been the NHS that was me lot take pain relief when needed. After getting up morning after morning with neck ache I decided to look around for suggestions and I came across these memory pillows. I was a bit unbeliving at first but I gave it a go. The first few nights where a struggle and I was ready to go back to the feather and downs. When bingo I must have hit the spot, it is just the comfiest thing in the world. I want to take it where ever I go.

This is how they work memory foam was developed by nasa to reduce the effects of G force on astronauts. The material was developed to cushion impacts but was never used. Since the first development it has been widley used in pillows, matressesss, pads and toppers to aide sleeping. It provides pressure relief to aid circulation, reduction in bed sores, neck pain and back and spinal discomfort. It is highly recommended by health professionls all over the world.

Memory foam is tempreture sensitive the foam softens when introduced to body heat. This then enables it to mould to the contours of your body. This helps to provide even weight and pressure distribution. The foam returns to its natural and orginal shape whilst not in use. The pillows and the matressess, pads and toppers all promote natural aligment in your body whilst you sleep taking pressure away from spine, neck, shoulder and hips. Best of all the open cell structure that this material provides breathes freely keeping your body cooler.

Personal Recomendation :spacce age Visco-Elastic foam pillow

High tech temperature sensitive foam memory pillow that molds to your shape to give optimal support and comfort. The Ergonomic design provides ideal sleeping posture for relief of back, neck and shoulder pain. The foam quickly remolds to your shape when moving to ensure that your head and neck are supported throughout the night

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