Memory foam mattress topper and pillows

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I first made the mistake of buying a silent night mattress topper that was for sale in the argos catalogue, i thought i would stick to the quality name brand that they were supposed to be but when delivered it  turned out to be nothing more than a slightly quilted fitted sheet - honestly it was the biggest waste of money i have ever spent, infact how silent night could get away with describing it as a mattress topper is beyond me, if it was an ebay sold item it would of  been a definate 'item not as described' claim !!!

 So then i purchased one of the memory foam mattress toppers from Roseby's on the high street to fit our king size bed in June 08, i was looking for a cheaper alternative to revive our bed as our sprung mattress was starting to get uncomfortable and after seeing the price of a new king size sprung mattress  i decided to buy a thick topper matteress instead. It cost me £69.99 and to be fair its probably the best cash ive parted with all year, i cant fault the design at all, its a big (slightly) chunky piece of foam that molds into our body shape and provides great support and comfort to us all night, there was no issues with any sub quality foam or smells etc  and we did exactly as it said on the box, unroll and leave for 24hrs before using which is what we did and we havent had a bad nignts sleep since!!

Now its getting cooler at night the matress is proving really invaluable as it really does keep the heat in and keeps you warm which i can only see as a big plus with the heating costs going through the roof as it means we wont need to have the heating on unless it drops to sub zero temps!!

I honestly cant think of anything bad to say about the topper we purchased, i would definately recommend the one we purchased to anyone who is thinking about purchasing one, in fact we were that impressed i purchased the memory foam pillows too!!

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