Mens Walking Boot Buying Guide

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Men's Walking Boot Buying Guide

For many people, there is nothing better than the idea of following in the footsteps of William Wordsworth and exploring the lakes and mountains of the Lake District. While these individuals may not get there as often as they’d like, there are many opportunities for an invigorating walk to be found anywhere. Walking can not only inspire poetry, it can promote good health and reduce the risk of heart disease, a factor that many men take very seriously.

Of course walking, whether as a hobby or for health reasons, requires the right footwear and one of the best ways to protect feet and be comfortable during a walk is to wear walking boots. Walking boots can be found in any shoe store as well as online at websites such as eBay. Regardless of whether or not a buyer is looking for walking boots at their nearest shoe store or online, there are a few things that they should consider before making a purchase. These factors include boot construction, and how well an individual pair of walking boots fits. With the right information, a man can find a comfortable pair of walking boots that can last for years.

Walking Boot Construction

Shoes and boots are not all made equally, and people can get into trouble using the wrong shoes for a given activity. Tennis shoes should not be used when playing football, and running shoes are a bad choice for a game of basketball. In the case of walking, there are specifically designed boots that are created to provide comfort, support, and durability. These qualities are best evaluated by examining the various areas of the boot and the materials that are used for their construction.

Toe Box

Since a walker moves at a slower pace than a runner, they spend more time with their toes flexed as they take each step. For this reason, the toes require more room since they spread out during this phase of taking a step. A sturdy walking boot will have a larger toe box, which is the area at the front of the boot. if the toe box is too small, the foot can cramp and walking for an extended period of time can become a bout of pain and frustration. For a person wishing to take walking to the next level and scale a rougher terrain, a sturdy toe box can prevent injury and further pain from stubbed toes. Those walking on a level, flat surface can gear their search towards walking boots with a less sturdy toe box.


The sole of a walking boot can be very important, especially if the walker is going to be exploring hiking trails or other rough ground. If a sole is too flexible, it can bend and move with each little stone stepped on, which can in turn impact the feet in a negative way, causing pain, especially over extended periods of time. For walking boots, the stiffer a sole is, the better the traction from the ground. For this reason, anyone looking to purchase walking boots should look for a stiff sole to provide them the desired level of stability and comfort.


Much like the toe box, the heel of a good pair of walking boots needs to be sturdy and stiff. The reason for this is that with extended periods of walking, the heel can move and shift, causing blisters. Also, walking on rough terrain can cause a more flexible heel to bend, which can move the heel of the foot in the shoe, causing further blistering. The heels of walking boots should also have a heel counter, which is a piece of plastic built into the boot that helps stabilise the foot.


Since walking boots are worn for longer periods of time and under more stressful conditions than a pair of running shoes or dress shoes, they should have a good amount of cushioning, although it should be distributed differently than the cushioning found in other kinds of shoes. The heel, for example, does not need as much padding as does the front of the boot, where most of the impact is focused when walking. An area that walkers may tend to overlook in terms of comfort is the tongue of the shoe. With the laces done up tightly, the tongue should provide enough padding that the laces cannot be felt by the wearer. This will prevent discomfort over the course of a long walk or hike.


Some walking boots are made from waterproof materials. This can be advantageous in that it can protect socks and feet from becoming wet and uncomfortable over extended periods of time. The disadvantage of waterproofing is that for walkers who are unlikely to endure wet conditions may find that their feet do not breathe easily and can find that they come home with sweaty, uncomfortable feet.

Walking Boot Fit

When buying walking boots, many people are tempted to simply buy a pair that comes in the size of another non-walking boot that they may be wearing. For some this will work out just fine, but many others will find that the new walking boots do not fit properly. Part of this is due to the fact that foot sizing will often vary based on the make and model of the shoe. In some cases feet are smaller in the morning and larger in the afternoon. Feet also become larger after long periods of walking, as they expand from blood flow and other factors. A good rule of thumb for buying any shoes is to try them on in the afternoon, or at least measure feet after taking a brisk 15 minute walk. Measuring a foot is done by using a measuring tape or other device and, placing the foot on a flat surface while putting weight on it, measuring the distance from the heel to the end of the longest toe. This may be easier if the foot is traced on a piece of paper and the measurement taken from the tracing.

UK Men’s Shoe Size in Centimetres

Ensuring the correct sizing of the shoe is one of the most critical factors when determining the kind of shoe to purchase. This chart should help guide most people in their quest to find the perfect pair of walking boots.

Shoe Size




































Having a good ideas as to what sizes are in range is always a wise decision, especially with shoes as large as walking boots.


Socks can make a large difference in how a walking boot will fit, and for this reason, the socks that are going to be worn when walking should be used when measuring feet for walking boots. This may alter somewhat the size, but will create a more comfortable fit in the long run for any person.


If insoles are going to be used for increased comfort, this should be factored into measuring the right size for a walking boot. There are many different insoles designed to reduce the stress walking can cause on the foot and may be a good choice for many people.

Determining if a Walking Boot Fits Properly

When trying on a walking boot, a step that can be taken before looking for a pair of walking boots on eBay, there are a few things that can be done in order to ensure that it is a good fit. First, with the laces undone and the toes pressed up against the front of the boot, there should be a slight gap between the heel and the back of the boot. When the laces are done up tightly, this space should move to the front of the boot, keeping toes from bumping up against the boot. Then, the buyer should walk around for a bit. If the heel does not remain in place the boot is too big. If the toes impact against the front of the boot, it is too small.

Buying Men’s Walking Boots on eBay

Walking boots are a common type of footwear, and are commonly found in shoe stores, but the selection in a shoe store may be limited to specific brands or styles whereas eBay is not limited in the same way. Using eBay, buyers have access to many different kinds of walking boots from all over the world that may have the added benefit of having a lower price, even after shipping is factored in. Exploring the many options in terms of walking boots that eBay has to offer is simple and merely involves entering the correct search term into the search bar on the eBay home page. This term can be general, something like “men’s walking boots”, or something a bit more specific that uses other terms relating to size, fit, style, or construction. Once the right boots are found, purchasing them can be a simple task. A buyer can be walking the hills and mountains the the Lake District or even just down the street in no time.


Walking boots are not just sensible footwear, they are a great tool that can be used to lose weight, increase health, and explore the world. With the right pair of walking boots, a man can enjoy a high level of comfort for long periods of time and avoid any foot injuries or irritating blisters. In order to determine which walking boots are going to be best for a specific user, it is important to evaluate them in terms of how they are made and how they fit. Good walking boots have a stiff sole, stiff heel, and a durable toe cap. They are padded for comfort and are waterproof in order to protect feet.

Finding the right fit for walking boots involves a careful measuring of the foot at the right time of day and with the right accessories, such as socks and insoles. Once a measurement is taken, the proper size of walking boot can be found, which may be different than the regular shoe size worn by the user. The right pair of walking boots should be able to endure tough conditions, protect the feet, and last for thousands of miles before they need to be replaced.

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