Mesh Practice kit Guide

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The mesh head practice drum kit is designed for complete comfort and convenience. Allowing you to practice care free in your own home or on the road.
The drum and cymbal pad set-up is easy, fast and offers quick adjustment with ease. As is the same case with the cymbals. Basically this practice kit is designed for someone who is always on the move, offering quick and simple adjustment properties. All pads are adjustable in terms of height, angle and rotation. This means that this kit is suitable for both children and adults, allowing you to set up the kit and be comfortable regardless of your size. Also practice kits only take up half the space of a traditional acoustic drum kit, allowing you to squeeze them into smaller rooms easily.
Another vital property is noise levels and playability, with this drum kit you are able to play and practice to the full level of your potential. This kit allows you to practice your rim shots, as these are present on each pad. As well as this you can also brush up on your rudiments, strokes and control with the amazing feel of the mesh head system. Secondly the noise levels, which are no problem with this kit, mesh heads are completely silent. Also the cymbal pads are designed to be much quieter than ordinary cymbals and offer great durability.
Finally the value for money. When it comes to practice drum kits there is no cheaper way to attain the feel of a real drum kit. Giving you a great perspective of drums at a very affordable price, if you need practice then look no further.

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