Metamorphic Prints / Postcards -Getting the Ident Right

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A metamorphic print may be described as a postcard which shows one thing pretending to be another-for example fruit pretending to be a face, a map pretending to be a person and so on.

The ident is the little picture you get when you search for a particular object. As an example I recently listed a postcard by the Victorian artist Vincent Brooke. The picture when clicked on looks like this:

At this size, you can see a figure-a Scots piper-making up the shape of Scotland. Unfortunately idents are this size:

From this all you can of the picture is that it is a representation of Scotland. And just for arguments' sake, if I were listing a great number of the same postcard it would look like this:

From that ident, it just looks like blobs of colour!

Probably the best thing to do in this case is show as an ident a sample area of the postcard. thus:

From this, you can see that is meant to be a person but also that is alluding to be something else. So that's probably the best picture to use, though of course you should add an overall picture as well.

All this goes to show that as a buyer do not rely on the ident alone, click onto the picture as well. And of course read the description if the picture isn't much to go on.

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