Michael Jackson Ticket Refunds

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This article was written in 2009 following the death of Michael Jackson.

I purchased Michael Jackson tickets from Ticketmaster several months ago. I sold these on eBay and payment was made immediately. Feedback was left by both parties despite the fact that tickets had not yet been despatched.

I have now made full refunds for these tickets despite losing out on the eBay and Paypal fees I can no longer claim back as too much time has elapsed. I have not yet received any refund from Ticketmaster. In fact, as of writing, they have not even confirmed to me that they are even going to make a refund.

I pride myself on the service I provide and believe I am easily one of the better sellers on eBay. I have never had a complaint from a buyer.

I am sure that many people, having bought tickets on eBay, are not going to receive a full refund, if any. This is clearly wrong. I bought these tickets in the hope of making a few pounds. It was a gamble at the end of the day. I would never expect my customers to pay for my gambles no matter how safe the bet was.

Anyone not issuing refunds for these tickets clearly shouldn't be on eBay in the first place. They lack moral fibre and have no idea of the meaning of integrity. These are probably the same people who don't leave feedback until they have received theirs first. Just because they have been hard done by, they feel that makes it alright to pass this on to the next person. What a vicious world it would be if we were all like that.

Anyone caught out in this instance, be warned. In future, I would always advise buying from someone who has over 500 feedbacks although that is no guarantee either.

Update 12/7/9: Ebay have now announced that they are refunding all sellers' fees. I am experiencing difficulties, however, as I completed my refunds by cheque. Paypal won't help me at all. Ticketmaster have not refunded yet either. Ebay's and Paypal's communication and support through all this has been dreadful, as always.

Update 12/8/9: I am now starting to do my nut. Paypal have just limited my account because they say I have not made the required refunds. I made my refunds by cheque because the facility to make refunds by Paypal had expired. Obviously they have no record of my payments. Nevertheless, they should have contacted me to clear this up before taking their pathetic, unwarranted action. For the moment, I cannot make any purchases or withdraw funds. Obviously I am very upset considering I must have been one of the very, very few people who made full refunds within days of Michael Jackson's death. Ebay STILL have not refunded my fees either when they originally said I would be refunded at the end of July. Now they're saying end of August. Ebay and Paypal are a disgrace. Ticketmaster have now refunded.

Update 13/8/9: It has to be noted that Paypal have restored my account to me within 24 hours.

Update: 23/8/9: Paypal have refunded my seller's fees. Just waiting for eBay to do the same now.

Update: 5/9/9: eBay have now also refunded the transaction fees. It has taken two months for eBay and Paypal to make these refunds but, thankfully, the whole saga is now over. Also, I made a formal complaint to Paypal for restricting my account and they credited my account £10 as a goodwill gesture which has deadened the blow. Thank you Paypal.

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