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Have you started reading a great book only to find that it’s the second or third in a long series? Even worse if it mentions details from previous books you haven’t read! So, here at Apple Green Books we have put together a handy list for you to check the order of books in your favourite series, and you can also quickly and easily find them all on eBay for you to purchase. We hope you find it useful, and please do not hesitate to contact us to request a list of books we don’t have. Happy reading!

Michael Lawrence

Michael Lawrence was born in Huntingdonshire in 1943. He then went on to the Ealing School of Art and became a graphic designer, before deciding to concentrate on writing.

Here are Michael Lawrence’s Jiggy McCue books in reading list order from first to last:

Jiggy McCue

The Poltergoose (1999)

Something's after Jiggy McCue! Something big and angry and invisible. Something which hisses and flaps and stabs his bum and generally makes his life a misery. Where did it come from? Jiggy calls in his best pals, Pete and Angie, and together the Three Musketeers - one for all and all for lunch! - set out to send the poltergoose back where it belongs.

The Killer Underpants (2000) 

Jiggy McCue has a problem. His new underpants won't come off. Worse still, they have a mind of their own. An evil mind that seems to want to ruin his life. And it's succeeding!

The Toilet Of Doom (2001)

When a little toilet icon appears on a computer screen, Jiggy McCue just can't resist clicking on it. Bad move! He's just flushed his life down the pan. And the one he gets instead is highly embarrassing… For a boy. 

The Meanest Genie (2002) First published as Maggot Pie

There is a tradition in Jiggy's hometown - the night before a boy starts school he goes to the Piddle Pool near the old quarry and pees in the pool for good luck. But when Jiggy went...he couldn't go, and he's been unlucky ever since. Now Jiggy wants to change his luck. One night, while he is mid-piddle, a genie rises out of the water. Will the genie bring Jiggy good luck, or is Jiggy's life about to get even worse?

Nudie Dudie (2004) 

Jiggy is given a pen - one of those with a scantily-clad female in it who loses her clothes when the pen is tipped. Trouble is, when Jiggy uses the pen, his clothes disappear too - but being Jiggy, he doesn't put two and two together until he has suffered a number of very nude, public and embarassing episodes.

Neville the Devil (2005)

This sixth Jiggy McCue story sees the return of a character who first appeared in 'The Killer Underpants', namely Neville the Devil. Neville is part of the Little Devils network, and his reappearance in Jiggy's life brings chaos and confusion to young Jiggy and his friends Pete and Angie.

Ryan's Brain (2006)

This eighth Jiggy McCue story sees Jiggy and his pals, Angie and Pete, as usual, in trouble. This time, they are under threat from the brain of Bryan Ryan, one of their classmates. Bryan's Brain is out of control and threatening to take over the world! And only Jiggy, Pete and Angie, the 'Three Musketeers', can stop it. One for All and All for Lunch!

The Iron, the Switch and the Broom Cupboard (2007)

Jiggy only jumped into the school broom cupboard for two minutes to avoid a teacher. So when he emerges from his hasty hiding spot into a parallel universe, he's not impressed! And there's not a lion or a witch in sight...In this new world, Jiggy finds he has swapped places with a boy called Juggy who is about to go on a school trip - a trip to compete in the UK Extreme Ironing Championships...

Kid Swap (2008)

Jiggy is horrified to hear that his parents have signed him up for a reality TV show called Kid Swap. He is to move in with another family and everything he does will be filmed. Sadly, most of what he does while the camera is pointing his way is not the kind of thing he wants to share with millions of total strangers. And then, on top of it all, there’s his bizarre skin problem...Find out how Jiggy copes with TV fame and
flick the pages for a disgusting dinner!

One for All and All for Lunch (2009)

A collection of short stories, each told by a different character from the Jiggy McCue stories. Here we have tales from the points of view not only of Jiggy, but also Pete, Angie, and even Stallone the cat.

Rudie Dudie (2010)

A new drama teacher, Ms Mooney, has arrived at Ranting Lane, Jiggy's school. She plans to put on a production of A Midsummer Night's Dream - and guess who will be chosen to play Bottom? Not only that, Ms Mooney also seems to be able to mesmerise Jiggy into doing things he really shouldn't, especially not in public . . .

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