Micro Wind Turbines - G83/1 Regulations Safety Stickers

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Guide Aim

Quick guide with the main aim of alerting/reminding people erecting micro wind turbines for AC grid connection of micro wind turbines (or small scale micro generation in general), of the G83/1 electrical safety regulations.

Full Document Title:

Engineering Recommendation G83/1 - Recommendation for the connection of Small-Scale Embedded Generation (Up to 16 A Per Phase) in Parallel with Public Low-Voltage Distribution Networks

Catchy eh!

Use of Warning Stickers

I work for a micro generation installer (Energy Connect UK) and we obviously following the guidelines dictated by the document very closely. The focus of this guide is the importance of alerting essentially workman but also end users and the public to the fact that you have a Dual power supply (ie. not just the mains Grid is providing power to your property). Beyond simply alerting people, it is also important that you inform the aforementioned person, where they can isolate the second supply (your turbine/solar panel/grid-connected hamster wheel). These warnings should be placed not only on the consumer unit, but also the inverter and the meter.

It is also important to quickly identify the isolator and indeed the On/Off positions of the isolator, the earth connections and to inform workman of rotating blades prior to entering any area in proximity to the turbine.

In our case to help comply with all the regulations, we have developed a safety sticker pack which encompasses stickers for all the above situations, that can be quickly placed as per our simple guide which we also provide to any installers/DIY-ers.

We have since made these publicly available via ebay: http://myworld.ebay.co.uk/energyconnectuk

Quick Sub Note:

It is also your legal obligation when installing a AC connected micro generation unit of any type, to inform your DNO (distribution network operator). If you google 'DNO map', you can find out who is your DNO. They will normally get you to fill in a commissioning certificate and assuming you have complied to the G83 regs, they will normally give their approval. The importance of this is so that they can inform anyone working on your locality's power grid that there is a dual supply, so even in the case of a power cut, there may be power being exported.

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