Microsoft 360 S Vs. Nintendo Wii

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Picking video game consoles is sometimes tough. There are a wide variety of models to sift through and each offering has a unique set of features. The Microsoft and Nintendo are both suitable for gift givers and gamers alike. The Microsoft is a delight for fitness and turns heads with its innovative Kinect controller, whereas the Nintendo does well for family entertainment and gets noticed for its popular Wiimote controller.
Microsoft 360 S Nintendo Wii
Features Microsoft 360 S Nintendo Wii
Graphics Memory Capacity 512 MB;10 MB 3 MB
Height 8 cm;7 cm;18 cm 4 cm;16 cm
Console Ram 512 MB;512 KB;4 MB 88 MB;85.9 MB
Weight 6.3 gr;4.96 kg;2.9 kg;10.94 gr 1.2 kg
Console Color White & Blue;Silver;Red & Black;Matte White;Matte Black;Glossy Black;Blue White;Red;Blue;Black
Console Ram Technology GDDR3 SDRAM GDDR3 SDRAM;1T-SRAM
Graphic Video Fill-Rate 500 million triangles/sec Not Specified
CPU IBM Xenon 3.2 GHz;IBM PowerPC 3 cores 3.2 GHz IBM Broadway;IBM "Broadway" PowerPC
VGC Product Type Console Home Console;Console
Product Name Microsoft Xbox 360 S Nintendo Wii
Product Line Microsoft Xbox Nintendo Wii
Processor Quantity 1 Not Specified
Width 30.48 cm;27 cm;12.01 cm 4.4 cm;15.7 cm
Battery UpTime Up To 30 Hours Not Specified
Integrated Flash Memory 4 GB Not Specified
Hard Drive Cache 1 MB Not Specified
Depth 29 cm;26 cm 22 cm
Country Region Not Specified United States;United Kingdom;Europe

Microsoft 360 S

The Microsoft has a Kinect controller, allowing you to move your body or speak to control games in real time. Plus, you can dive into online gaming thanks to its Wi-Fi. Its 3.2 GHz processor speed helps you play fast action games. What's more, the Microsoft sports a 512 KB to 512 MB RAM capacity, allowing you to enjoy snappy gaming performance. You can treat everyone to sound from every direction thanks to its surround sound. In addition, its 4 GB to 320 GB storage capacity helps you keep your whole family's downloaded games and saved games.

Nintendo Wii

The Nintendo has a Wiimote controller, so you can gesture, thrust, and punch with the controller to experience dynamic gaming action. What's more, the Nintendo's Wi-Fi helps you access the Internet. Immerse yourself in intensive gaming experiences thanks to its 729 MHz processor speed. Beyond that, it has an 85.9 MB or 88 MB RAM capacity, allowing you to delight in fast and responsive system performance. The Nintendo's 512 MB or 8 GB storage capacity enables you to preserve all your favourite games and high scores. In addition, you can block kids from mature content thanks to its parental controls.

Comparing the Microsoft 360 S Vs Nintendo Wii

All in all, the Microsoft comes out ahead and is the one to pick for gaming, home theatre, and fitness. The Microsoft boasts a Kinect controller, so you can play games totally handsfree. Beyond that, you can experience much better video game performance thanks to its faster processor speed. Also, its larger available RAM capacity lets you enjoy snappier gaming performance. Furthermore, the Microsoft has surround sound, allowing you to increase your listening enjoyment. What's more, you can save more games thanks to its larger available storage capacity. Not to be out-done however, the Nintendo has a Wiimote controller, allowing you to enjoy more accurate game motion. Furthermore, you can enjoy more robust defences against adult content to minors thanks to its parental controls. Moreover, the Nintendo does well with Wi-Fi. Therefore, it is great for family entertainment.

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