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Welcome to some honest advice that may save you a lot of heartache.
Of late, there are many sellers offering ' Download key only' versions of Microsoft Office, mainly Office 2010, 2013, and since the new release, Office 2016.

They list these with no E.A.N. identification number, or type in a false one.
Easily checked by copying the number and searching Google.

Firstly, Do check the feedback of a seller, most offering illegal downloads have 'previous' for similar items.

A £20 download is not safe, look for a genuine seller who will post you the correct sealed CD with E.A.N.  and licence number.

They usually also have on offer the free Windows 10 for a few £'s

If Microsoft and such as PC World sell this product  for circa £400, you may well ask, how can sellers put it out at £20 to £60 ?

The older Office versions, which still work fine, can be found now at lower prices, but a 2016  £400  Office new release for £20 ?

I suppose really, there is not much need to write more in this guide, but I will persevere.

The methods used are mainly 2 fold.

Method one ~ they are selling you a free trial direct from Microsoft, this WILL run out and lock in 30 to 60 days.

Method two ~ The sellers will take your payment, then email you a link to download the Office program, usually from a  Dropbox hosting type account. Followed by another link to what I will not name in full here, but it is known as a Keygen.

This is an illegal Crack program, which generates a licence number, the number will validate on your PC by installing pirate software, until you update the program. It will then lock out and require you to purchase a full and legal licence from Microsoft.

The majority of key generators are totally loaded with spyware and Trojans.

So as a footnote, if it seems too good to be true, it probably is !
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