Microsoft Zune

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Man, the Microsoft Zune is the business!!  I bought mine just one month ago and already I can't bear to be parted from it.

It is very easy to upload music on to it in the first place, when you first receive it.  I uploaded the software (supplied) to my pc, then downloaded 2,500 tracks from my pc to the Zune in just twenty minutes!!!

Every time I add mnew music to my pc, the zune software remembers what new music i have added, and gives me the option on whether I wish to download these new tracks on to my Zune.  This is great because I don't always want to put every single music track that is on my pc on to my Zune, so I have the option.  Zune also reads mp3, wav and wma files, whereas I believe that the ipod will not successfully read these files.  Zune will also store jpeg pictures, and movies in a number of formats.  Because of the large screen, it is a pleasure to play these back when you are out and about.

Prior to this I had a Medion mp3 player with a 20 gb hard drive. It played up from time to time and had a battery life of five hours.  That cost me £140.  This Zune cost me £145, it has a 30 gb hard drive and the battery life is a fantastic 13 hours!!  You cannot ask for more than that.    I would implore anyone - before you even think about buying an ipod , check the Zune out first! It is quite simply the best gadget I have ever bought in my life.  I now carry my entire music collection round with me wherever I go, and still have loads of space for more!!!!

Eleven out of ten and five gold stars.......


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