Microworm, Walter worm and banana worm culturing

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Cultivating microworms, Walter worms and banana worms

Panagrellis spp.

This is a great food for all fry, especially livebearer fry who will eat them right from birth. My guppy fry get fed microworms once a day alongside their usual crushed flake while they are growing: as a result, all the males have colour by 3 weeks old and are fully grown by 2.5 months.
The culture will usually take 2 days to establish itself, but can on occasion take up to a week.

Suitability: Newborn/newly hatched fry to 5cm adults.

Temperature: 10 - 30°C

Ease: Very easy.

You'll need:
- an ice cream tub or a food box with a lid which has small air holes in it
- a tiny bit of yeast and the cheapest oats you can find
- & the starter culture which I will send

- once you receive the culture, mix the oats (enough for there to be about 2-2.5cm of them on the bottom of the tub), yeast and a bit of warm water in the tub
- roughly spread the starter culture on top & wipe down the sides (on the inside)
- wait two days
- use a paintbrush or your finger to collect the microworms from the side of the tub and feed to the fish
- restart the culture after 4-5 weeks
- don't let it dry out, but you don't want to flood it either!

Warning: Some Betta splendens breeders have noticed that if the fry are overfed microworms, they might not have ventral fins. Regular water changes and a varied diet will prevent this from happening.
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