Midwifery Items-Diary covers, VE guides etc.

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There are a lot of items on here listed for Diary Covers, VE guides, BMI calculators, Baby age/Gestation calculator wheels etc. Feeding/parenting leaflets etc.

I am amazed at the amount some of these things are selling for-especially when they can be picked up for free. The Vaginal Examination guides seem to sell very well, but can be picked up FOR FREE directly from the in-practice website, along with many other educational aids, and Diary covers when they have them in stock. There are many other websites offering free diary covers (SMA, NHS Smoking cessation, Breast is Best etc-although remember you are not allowed anything that will advertise formula products). Many website will also offer free tourniques, again though many of these may have advertising on.

Please have a little looky around some websites before comitting to buy these items. Obviously if you do not want to register for websites, then Ebay is the best place to aquire these things. But if you do not mind spending a few minutes registering to receive lots of free items-with free postage, then please 'shop around'. It is annoying seeing sellers on her exploiting hard-up students with 'Essential' items, that they aquired for free, and make quite a bit of money on. Visit:

 in-practice .co.uk (you will need to type it into search bar without the gaps) 

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