Mindfulness Book Buying Guide

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Mindfulness Book Buying Guide

Mindfulness is a form of meditation that entails both high concentration and open acceptance of a variety of stimuli. Since it takes diligent practice to master, mindfulness meditation experts have written numerous books to help practitioners of all skill levels. When shopping for a mindfulness book, shoppers should consider the different techniques, purposes for meditation, and teaching tools presented in the books.


Mindfulness Techniques

Mindfulness meditation encompasses a wide variety of techniques to achieve a level of focused relaxation. However, mindfulness books may discuss one or more of the techniques, but certainly not every technique.





Sitting in a quiet space and focusing on natural breathing patterns

Some practitioners utter silent mantras to achieve alert relaxation

Allows thoughts to move away freely

Body Sensations

Discern body sensations such as itching and allow them to pass

Focus on each body part from head to toe


Detection of sights, smells, sounds, touches, and tastes

Define each sense experienced and then allow the sense to pass freely


Allow emotions

Name each emotion as it passes

Accept emotions by not judging the negative ones

Urge Surfing

Accept intense cravings, but to not act on them

Pay attention to how the body feels

Understand the craving inevitably subsides


Beginner mindfulness books discuss the techniques in the most general terms. Most of the books go into detail on one technique to allow practitioners to master the technique. The key to each technique is getting the mind to focus in the present moment.


Purpose of the Book

Mindfulness books vary in their purposes. Some mindfulness meditation books concentrate of enhancing the quality of life, such as helping practitioners to become more engaged in activities or providing them with a blueprint for how to deal with tragic events. Some practitioners want to read about how they can bolster their physical health. Some of the techniques used in mindfulness alleviate stress, eliminate heart disease, reduce chronic pain, and enhance sleep patterns. Perhaps the most sought after mindfulness meditation books deal with mental health issues. Myriad books discuss ways to treat depression, substance abuse, and anxiety disorders, although most mindfulness meditations books discuss treating mental health problems in concert with additional interventions.


Teaching Tools in the Book

The skill level required to master mindfulness meditation requires advancement through beginner, intermediate, and expert practitioner stages. In addition, each stage requires mindfulness practitioners to spend time developing their meditation skills. Through book illustrations, mindfulness meditation practitioners can learn each meditation step by following closely the positions used for meditations. The illustrations should mostly include photographs to ensure accuracy. Bullet point step-by-step directions also provide direction for practitioners. The top meditation books also include compact discs or DVDs that complement the written word.

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