Minelab coil - The Detech SEF 15 x 12

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I had been thinking about getting one of these ever since they first appeared last year but had held off until last week when I took the plunge and bought the 15 x 12 coil. I went for this one as it seemed mid-range in terms of size and weight. I had also read various field tests and decided this was the one for me !
So what do I think of it I hear you say?... Wow ! is the answer.
I took it for its first outing to a quiet meadow that I have been over countless times previously - I mean 40 times easily over the years. Its a field that I can jump out the car and be detecting in in 30 seconds flat, its about a mile from my house and I can take my dog for a "walk" at the same time - a perfect field for those odd hours when the "boss" is settling down to watch some crap on tv.
So , this field has been hammered (pun intended) over the years - before I got on it my local club used it for rallies too.
My first impression of the coil was that it was a bit heavier than the standard one - no big surprise but it does slow down your swing a bit and force you to go a bit slower....no bad thing in itself perhaps,
Anyway straight away I was getting non-ferrous signals, bits of lead, shotgun cartridges and buttons galore (this field was used in WW1 and WW2 as a tented infantry camp). These turned up in a field I had had no signals in the day before - I deliberately went there and swept up and down because I knew I had the new coil coming. After about 20 minutes I was gobsmacked to break open a clod of earth (expecting another button) when out popped a perfect little Short Cross Penny (Richard Ist I think)...nice. Having thanked the gods of metal detectorists I moved on... even more slowly.
After a bit more random crap I found a nice Edward Ist penny. Anyone who regularly detects on pasture knows its hard work - finds can be few and far between, especially if it hasn't been ploughed for years (as was the case here). To find two hammered on one outing in this field was beyond my expectations to say the least.
It gets better.. yesterday I had a faint but sweet signal and having removed a huge clod of turf and earth I recovered a really nice piece of real treasure. A Spanish 8 Real coin dated 1756. Its in perfect condition too....I can't stop looking at it.

If I was to sell these 3 coins I reckon I could pay for the coil twice over. If you're thinking about getting an SEF-  DO IT ...life is too short.
I'm well pleased and now I have the added bonus of going over all my fields again looking for stuff my regular coil missed.
I have just got search permission for a whole new farm too... site of a deserted Medieval village to boot so "watch this space!"

Thanks for reading my guide - if you enjoyed it please take a second to vote "yes".

If you are ever down in Gower South wales get in touch and I will take you out - Happy Hunting - Hugh

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