Mini Angler Fishing Kayak

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Mini Angler Fishing Kayak Review

I am going to be doing a sponsored kayak trek in late August, a journey that is roughly 175 miles. The plan is to do it in

about 8 days but I needed a kayak as the only kayaks I had were not really suitable. Spotting one of these fishing kayaks at

Seaton Angling Centre the owner, Chris, let me try one out. I liked it for it's stability and I bought it, this was in April


Since then, I have paddled well over 100 miles in this kayak, as I train and prepare for this trip and I have been out in all

conditions, from flat calm to swells that were probably getting on for four feet high. In fact, these swells were so great

that when I was in the trough of a wave, I could not see the beach that was quarter of a mile away. I have to say how

impressed I was with this kayak, as not once did I ever think I was going for a swim!

I have done beach launches, with waves crashing over the top of me. I have done beach landings with half of the kayak in  the

air as I have ridden the surf onto the shore. I have never tipped over or fallen out. This kayak is the most stable thing I

have ever paddled and it just inspires confidence.

To be honest, I have not done any fishing from it  but I have sat out at sea having a bite to eat. Again, I never felt unsafe

 and the storage compartments have always kept things dry.

If anybody wishes to do some kayak fishing, this is a brilliant platform from where you can hang your rod out. If you are

just after something to explore the coastline, this is perfect for that too. The seat is comfortable (I have spent many hours

at a time in it, so I know!), It's durable for launching and landing on beaches (Our local beach is a pebble one), and is a

great all rounder for novices and experts alike.

Whilst I have since bought a 17 foot sea kayak for my journey (I needed more storage for a weeks worth of kit.), I still use

this regularly for training and day trips. I would love to use it for the whole trek but unfortunately I can't quite fit

everything I'll need in it, and the sea kayak is obviously faster but it is nowhere near as stable in rough weather.

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