Mini Gold coin 1/2 gram ingot/flake/scrap/bar Best Buy!

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Mini Gold coin 1/2 gram ingot/flake/scrap/bar Best Buy!

What's wrong with this eBay listing?
Well, to start with, most of the words in the title are wrong, inaccurate, misleading, and dishonest.

The item in not:
1)  Gold
2) A Coin
3) An Ingot
4) Scrap
5) A Bar
6) A Best Buy

However it does seem to be "mini".

The Item Description States:

1 - mini gold coin 1908 St. Gaudens
(They are not gold and they are not coins)

Starting Bid: .99

Shipping: 2.50 first item and

1.00 each additional item.

International shipping is only 2.00 more!!!

Win 10 coins and get a free one!!!!

Welcome to my auction...

I am liquidating the rest of the mini coins in my collection...
(It seems to consist entirely of mini St. Gaudens junk)

With gold reaching historic levels 1000.00 + an ounce this year, everyone is securing their money in gold!!!
(What relevance is the price of gold to these base metal pieces of crap?)

Coin size:      10mm about the size of a pencil eraser.

Weight:         .5 grams

The mini gold coins commemorating the 1908 St Gauden (sic) have been a wonderful way to start my interest in gold..

These coins have been minted in various manners. Pure Gold, Gold Filled, Gold Clad, Gold hge, and various Karat weights gold... With that said these small coins are very collectable and sought after.
(How does this seller know this? They have never been minted in pure gold. WTF is Gold hge? We presume he means Heavy Gold Electroplate.

I have combined all my coins in one large bag, I will reach in randomly for each order...
(Absolute rubbish!)

I cannot gaurantee (sic) any karat weight or type of coin, they are all drawn at random so any coin listed above could be pulled...
(He can't spell either, but it's honest of him to say that he can't guarantee any karat weight. Actually, karat weight or carat weight refers to the weight of gemstones; karat or karatage refers to the proportion of gold content. From the fact that all 370 of his listings show the same picture, we presume all his "coins" are identical, so it is irrelevant whether he picks them at random or not).

Payment: All acceptable forms of payment, paypal, check or money order
(Not surprising really).

Items will be shipped within 48 hours of cleared payment. All checks and money orders require up to 10 days to clear.. Normally money orders or cashier's checks clear same day of arrival.

This a liquidation sale. All sales are final, payment is expected within 10 days of auction end.

There are no returns or exhanges (sic)...
(Also totally unsurprising).

Good Luck and Good Bidding!!!!
(You will need the former, although it probably will not do you any good, and the vendor will need the latter).

So why make himself into a obvious liar by stating it to be gold in the title, and...

Other Problems
It is listed fraudulently under the wrong category
Coins & Paper Money > Coins: World > Gold

So that's breaking eBay Listing Policy

The Same eBay Member Also Lists:
370 identical listings, which also contravenes eBay's listing policies.

Keyword Spamming
The inclusion of the words ingot scrap and bar are classed as keyword spamming, and is also against eBay's listings policies. They only serve to irritate possible genuine buyers who get their time wasted sifting through thousands of irrelevant garbage listings like this one.

Questions, Questions
We would normally not have bothered to comment about this item, except we received a question from another eBay member:
Do you think this is fraud? It looks feedback?? Cheap coins?
Now why potential eBay buyers ask us questions like this, we don't quite understand. Sure, we have published over 250 eBay Guides, and our websites are packed with useful information and opinion. We also take it as a compliment that people realise we are honest and knowledgeable, but in that case why not simply buy from us or other reliable dealers, and stop wasting your time and money trawling round eBay trying to find a bargain? You may or may not have noticed  that we no longer offer anything for sale on eBay,  Hello PayPal - Goodbye eBay , so we do not monitor our eBay Messages frequently, it would have been better to contact us directly if you wanted an immediate reply.

To answer the questions:
Do you think this is fraud?
It depends on your definition of fraud. We have no reason to think that the vendor is planning to do a runner with your 99 cents, you couldn't get far on that with today's oil prices.
However the description is far from convincing. It is so misleading that you could consider it fraudulent.
It looks suspicious...
No, we disagree, it just looks like yet another sickeningly common case of crap being glossed over to make it sound appealing to the suckers.
no feedback??
You started with 0 yourself!
Cheap coins?
Low priced, yes, but junk is not cheap at any price.

Worth Reporting to eBay?
Arguably, yes. If everybody that spotted or suspected misleading titles and description reported them to eBay, perhaps, just maybe, eBay might do something about it, but from our experience, documented on one of our websites (we don't think eBay would like it published here), we don't think they would bother. They make too much money from junk listings like this. Most real dealers use their own websites to market their coins.
We stopped reporting fraudulent and misleading listings to eBay some time ago, when it became obvious we were wasting our time, and doing eBay's policing job for them at no charge, and with no thanks. Besides, there is only so much you can do to protect suckers and punters from their own greed and stupidity.

Nice Picture!
The image used in all this guys 370 listings actually looks very nice. We strongly presume he has copied it from somewhere, and that it look nothing like the real trash he is offering.

Amazing Feedback
When we looked at this guy's feedback:
Lifetime Summary: Positives:3 Negatives:0 | Positive Feedback: 100%
Although there is 1 neutral of out 4, and all 4 feedbacks were posted only on 30th August 2008, so his original feedback must have been 0.
Our guess is this guy probably just bought a bulk lot of these "coins" at around 16 cents each or less, and hopes he can make some money selling them on at 99 cents each.

Nobody has given him a negative feedback for selling fake coins, Unbelievable

Phineas T. Barnum was right, there's a sucker born every minute. (Our apologies to all the buyers).

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