Mini SDHC Memory Card Buying Guide

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Mini SDHC Memory Card Buying Guide

Memory cards are handy storage mediums for use in a range of devices from tablets to smartphones and tablets. The mini SDHC memory card has a slightly smaller form factor than the standard SD card and is larger than the micro SD. Before buying one, learn about the features of the mini SDHC card to find the best one for your electronic equipment.


The Mini SDHC Format

The SDHC format came out in 2006 as an upgrade of the Secure Digital memory card format. Theoretically, the SDHC card that uses word or sector addressing could accommodate up to 2 TB of data, while modern cards store up to 64 GB of files. The SDXC format is a further upgrade that can store the largest amount of data amongst memory cards. Physically and electrically, the SDHC cards are identical to SD cards that provide standard capacity. However, the SDHC cards come preformatted with the FAT32 file system. The mini SDHC card is smaller than the standard SDHC card.


Compatibility of Mini SDHC Cards

SDHC devices are compatible with SD cards, but SD card devices are not compatible with SDHC cards. Before purchasing a mini SDHC card, make sure that your device supports it. The mini card is smaller than the standard SDHC, but you can use it in a SDHC device if you employ an adapter. Such adapters are particularly useful when transferring files to a computer because computers are typically compatible with the standard format, rather than the small version.


Mini SDHC Card Speeds

Besides the capacity of the card, the read and write speeds are also essential specifications that describe the performance of the data storage medium. If you need to record files quickly when taking digital pictures continuously or often have to transfer large RAW files, you should pay attention to these numbers. The SD Association has specific speed class ratings that allow you to determine the minimum performance levels the card features. The class number indicates the minimum writing speed.


Memory Card Class

Write Speed


Class 2

2 mbps

SD video recording

Class 4

4 mbps

HD video recording, including full HD

Class 6

6 mbps

HD video recording, including full HD

Class 10

10 mbps

Full HD video recording as well as consecutive HD stills recording

UHS Speed Class 1

10 mbps

Large HD video files, real-time broadcasts

UHS Speed Class 3

30 mbps

Large video files


Generally, the faster the card, the more expensive it is due to its increased performance features. However, when searching for the best card for your electronic device, you should check the instruction manual to determine which class is compatible with your camera or other equipment.

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