Mirror Chrome Powder and Unicorn Holographic Powder

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Nail art has become something mandatory into the world of fashion and now adds spark to any look.  Nail arts completes your outfit and style not to mention the variety of colors. They say something about your personality as well.  Nail arts have now achieved a level of intricacy to create designs and looks.
The Mirror Manicure is the new rage nowadays. This shiny trend involves using nail pigment to create a glamorous, shiny, chic mirror look.  It is basically chrome powder that creates the mirror look. Seems like the mirror manicure is the on-going must have look in the fashion industry nowadays.  Let’s have a look at these:

Mirror Chrome Powder
As chrome powder is used to achieve the mirror look it is also called mirror powder. These are cosmetic grade powders that have prismatic properties that come in different sized microns. The Nail Fashion Industry is surely having its moment with these mirrored nails!
Mirror/chrome nails has captured the attention of all beauty gurus and fashion following ladies. This chic look can be created by using stunningly glamorous colors.  The process of achieving the look itself is so eye-catching that its tutorials have taken the social media users by storm.  A highly pigmented powder is used to get this mirror look.
With mirror chrome powder, the tones and shade possibilities are endless. With the variations of base colors, different effects can be achieved. For example for the perfect Mirror Effect you need to use black base color. For different varieties of Rose Gold Effect you could use peach, red or pink base color.  Apart from the mirrored and chrome effect gel colors can also be utilized to achieve trendy and unique looks. Chrome nails have made a comeback after ages. Metallic shades were used in ancient Egyptian and Chinese times and were used to differentiate the class of people and rulers from the local population.
These metallic mirrored looks are glamorous but also go with all kind of looks.  Using mirror powders takes this high-shine glaze finish to the next level.  Achieving the perfect chrome look is not simple or quick either. There are number of steps involved and lots of curing. Curing means treating the nails under UV nail lamp for some time that helps you in achieving the required look.  It is necessary to get the best chrome look. Give it a try!

Holographic Powder
While mirrored-chrome look nails are popular, another style is gaining fame too. This shiny effect has a holo effect under light or sun that changes with your hand movements. Holographic Powder has 15 micron and is best for achieving the effect.
for 15 micron Holographic Powder please visit our http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Holo-Nails-Effects-Ultra-fine-Holographic-Rainbow-Chrome-Powder-Pigment-Dust-UK-/331951482414. It is of top quality featuring the finest grade holographic powder. Only a small amount is required for each application. And the achieved look is pretty cool! The smaller the particle size of the powder, the better effect you can achieve. It gives a very smooth finish to your nails.  Other powders available in the market come cheaper but their holographic effect is too glittery and lacks the smooth finish.
The most popular choice in holographic powder is the unicorn holographic powder. With unicorn holographic powder you can use a variety of base colors like the mirror powder to achieve different looks.  Black gel polish is a popular choice for users.

Here is a step-by-step guide to apply Mirror Chrome & unicorn holographic powder:
1. First of all prepare your nails the usual way and push back your cuticles.
2. File your nails to your desired size and shape. 
3. Remove the shine from your nail plate using a buffer.
4. Wipe your nails using wipes and cleansing prep.
5. Now apply base coat.
6.Cure under the UV/LED nail lamp.
7. Apply the gel color of your choice.
8. Cure again with UV/LED nail lamp.
9. Apply Top  Coat  (Skip 9.&10 if your using One Step Gels)
10. Cure with UV/LED nail lamp
11. Now using an applicator (eye makeup brushes work really well too) run the powder on the nail and continue to do so until you have achieved your desired look.
12. Using a brush, dust off the excess powder.
13. Seal your nails with No Top Coat.
14. Cure your nails again under the nail lamp.
 15. Wipe your nails using nail cleansers.
16. Apply cuticle oil to get the perfect shine.
Chrome, multi-chrome and holographic powders are all the rage. You will come across so many versions you absolutely cannot resist!
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