Misguided Vintage DOLLS Rosebud,etc:

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I love vintage dolls but do not know an awful lot about them, so consequently i have been caught out many times & lost money through sheer ignorance.  One instant, i bought what i thought was a beautiful 1950s Rosebud rubber doll.....she looked gorgeous on photo in a lovely knitted outfit which just showed her in clothes.  Well first mistake there was only 1 photo so i didn't know what doll looked like naked...i should've asked but just beleived what the listing said 'Great Cond' secondly, i do know that some old vintage dolls can smell musty & this lingers again i didn't ask about odours.  ( before this i had to throw 2 gorgeous Chiltern black dolls away because i couldn't get rid of smell).

Back to this so-called gorgeous 'Rosebud' she had a lovely face & great looking hair really pretty doll, i was very happy when i won her.

However happiness was short-lived when i opened the doll up she had this yellow knitted suit on with leggings & also the seller had added a lovely little hat & dress for her which i thought was very kind..........I kept looking at doll as something didn't seem quite right the legs bothered me so i took the clothes off & to my shock horror the doll had lovely rubber head, arms & legs & a completely different hard plastic body the legs had been squeezed in to fit so all the plastic was cracked i couldn't move legs they were so tightly fitted. & the doll smelt awful.  I was really upset about this. So my message is DO ASK QUESTIONS!!!  DO ASK FOR MORE PHOTOS! AND DON'T BE FOBBED OFF!! This really angered me because the person involved was very arrogant saying she didn't realise & that i got a free outfit as well what was the problem.  I do hope this review helps especially if you are a novice like myself.

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