Misleading Descriptions and Fake Traders

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The misleading description usually can be found on the Mobile Phone listings. Read the listing carefully or you could end up bidding for a software cd for a mobile phone as opposed to the actual phone.

The other trick is to list a toy phone and tuck the word "dummy" phone in the listing. Again, read the listing carefully or you could end up bidding and buying a useless bit of plastic.

If buying music again read the listing carefully. You may think you are bidding for a cd only to find you have bought vinyl or a cassette!!

Check to see how long the ebayer has been registered. As a general rule I wont buy from anyone who is recently registered. This person is likely to be a scammer. Look for someone who has at least 1 year membership and with a good number of positive feedback. Also ask a general question about the item etc. You can normally guage how genuine the trader is by their response. Bad English = Scammer as a general rule. Avoid!!

Finally as a general rule of thumb..do not buy from China!



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