Misleading Tackle descriptions

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Hi guys, just wanted to make sure that everybody is aware of what a reel description should mean exactly and if it doesnt it doesnt meet trade description or sale of goods act. The reason I am writing this is that I am fed up with seeing items mis described and adversely effecting my sales. Ebay doesnt do anything about it, so it can only be up to you the consumer.

New in Box = Should mean, BRAND SPANKING NEW, Straight from manufacturer, for either sale or resale, it shouldnt mean, bought and never used, bought used and shoved back in the box, cleaned and resold.

New without box = Same as above, genuine cases would be combo items , i.e separated from the rod, sometimes there would be marks on the plate where the reel has attached, but that should be it.

New returned sales stock, factory reconditioned, factory restock. = should be a virtually perfect reel, if the reel is from the PURE FISHING or DAIWA stable, should be in either Factory box or New box. IF it isnt question whether its what its described to be. Also should come with warranty. This is not a reel that just looks good, it comes with box, sometimes tools and lube as it would have when originally for sale. THESE SHOULD NOT BE RETURNS!!!!!

Reconditioned = Usually returned stock to seller, if not in a box I would guess that these are what they are , do not accept this as a factory (manufacturer reconditioned item) if it was it should be in Factory box, i.e ABU puts them in the white boxes, they are serviced, any part that is broken or unpleasing replaced, bad sellers out there see this as another way of somebody saying looks okay, functions great so lets try and sting somebody for a higher amount. Dont get me wrong, these can be great bargains, but if somebody says, Virtually New, as NEW , new NEVER FISHED, but no box, no warranty, use your brain , its second hand, used, a return. If is was New NEVER FISHED and was an ex display model, or unsold sales stock it would come in either original packaging, or factory packaging, have a limited warranty.

2nd hand or used = should be exactly as stated. However you will be surprised about just how many reels that should fall into this category on Ebay that shouldnt be.

Hope this helps.

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