Misrepresentation - A Problem

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Like a lot of people I look through E-Bay for any interesting items which are being disposed of. It pains me to see so many items that are not represented correctly. As ex military I'm afraid I'm one of those sad people that look through the British Army items for sale. I find that many are incorrect; all it takes is a few minutes research and the description will be fine. It smacks of laziness on the part of the seller. An example..A British Army Wooly Pully being sold as a genuine "Commando" jersey, does that mean that all pullys issued were to Commando's, hell no. does it make it a rare item because few are up for sale on the U.S. E-Bay site..hell no, have they not heard of international post.


If these items were offered for sale in a shop then they would be infringing the sale of goods act (descriptions) It only takes a few minutes folks, check the item out and get the desvription right, this will save dissapointment and delight YOUR buyer.

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