Misrepresentation and lack of information.

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Could ebay PLEASE do something about the constant misrepresentation of wool items, such as jumpers?. 
I'm tired of doing an ebay search for real wool clothing only to find non-wool, or mix-wool or acrylic 'wool', items listed under "Wool". I've also, on numerous occasions, ended up purchasing clothing that stated they were wool in the description or header, and then when I'd receive them, the label would specify that the material only had a small percentage of real wool. Very frustrating and annoying.  

The other issue, very common in ebay UK, is the severe lack of content in the "description" section of things such as clothing. Often, measurements and fabric materials are not specified. When I have emailed some sellers for measurements, some will tell you that they don't have a tape-measure!. 

Another issue, particularly with clothing, seems to be that photographs of a clothing item display a colour/shade that is not accurate. When you receive the item, the colour is quite different from the one in the photo. 

SO, please do something about severe lack of description content and misrepresentation of an item. All clothing items should list sizes/measurements and ALL materials (including percentages for mix material items). 

Thank You!

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