Misrepresentation by newdigitalshop

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Misrepresentation by newdigitalshop
This company I know misrepresents things from personal experience. I purchased a “Logitech Compact Backlit Media Keyboard K300 US” from them hear is the direct piece of text from their description:
Product Information
Give your computer the power of the Logitech (920-001488), a smart and compact keyboard. With special media control keys, this Logitech keyboard gives you easy access to your music, videos and e-mails. This compact keyboard features full-size backlit keys, which enable faster and effortless typing. The ultra-flat profile of the Logitech (920-001488) allows you to type comfortably and maintain your wrist at a neutral position. Moreover, this Logitech keyboard is easy to set up as it doesn�t require software installation. With sleek and stylish looks, this compact keyboard is ideal for both office and home.
The keyboard has no backlit keys, and the only illumination is lit symbols above the function keys that show their secondary function. I contacted the seller who replied with this:
“Hi,we are sorry to hear about that. We did clarify "This is not a full illuminated keyboard,”
I have read the listing several times, and it defiantly does not say that any ware! Here is the item number for anyone to check for themselves: Item number: 250876593928.
I replied stating this, - no reply, I asked whether he would be covering the return postage – no reply, in fact he will no longer reply to any of my communications. So what can a buyer do about such Dellboy traders, well the distance selling act require that you have 7 days from point of delivery to return goods furthermore a seller is required to notify you in writing (email is acceptable) of your rights under the distance selling’s act and at this point, point out who is responsible for return postal costs. Failure to send this notification, or to point out return procedures mean they are responsible to pay return costs. Further more if an item is faulty seller is responsible for return costs. But what can be done if the seller ignore you or refuses to except there responsibility? Well you can always make a claim with the small claims court against them, this is a simple low cost option that is also free to though falling into certain categories (for information on fee exemption read leaflet EX160A it can be found by search at the direct gov website)
The fee to start a claim is up to £300, £35, for a paper form or £25, if you make the claim online and may be added to what you are owed. Forms are available from the hmcourts service
It has been my experience that most people think you are bluffing when you say you intend to take this action, but when the summons arrives through there letterbox, they usually pay, in my case I have never had one contest, they have all paid! Why, because if they got a solicitor, and even won, they could not claim though expensive solicitors cost back as solicitors fees are none claimable for this service, it is meant to be informal, you, the person you are claiming from and the magistrate discuss in an informal way what has happened and the magistrate gives a decision.

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