Missing Parcel

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To any one that reads this please be careful if useing this company to arrangearangearrange your items. If your item is lost, damaged you will not get all you claim for. EG i had a PC part built for me by a friend inScotland.I had spent months on ebay and other places geting parts for this at the right price. My friend placed the mother board, cpu, large cooling fan into a gaming case for me i had got all the other parts at home to compleat the build. I arranged for next day with City Link thru Parcel2go.com they came for the item a day early so it was not ready then had to come on the right day. On the tuesday the item was due i looked on parcel2go  tracking (Thers another farce) it said  item picked up with a time and date but nothing else. By 4pm that day the tracking had not changed so i got intouch with parcel2go thru there on line help(tuens out to be no help at all) so i rang City Link to be told they dont garanttee next day (So why is it called next day?) and would make some calls. The next day i tried p2go help and got no help they told me they would let me know by email if there was any updates. So i rang City Link and got an update, yes it was lost they didnot know where it was, had no idea if it was missplaced, stolen , fallen of the belt, but at least i had an update.

i put a claim into p2go for £350 as this is what it is now going to cost if not more but because i had only covered it for £200 this is all i get. OK i hear you say thats what you covered it for but you get nothing for phone calls made trying to findout what is going on, nothing for the inconveince of waiting all day for a item that doesnt arrive, nothing as a good payment after all i did use there service thinking it was good.

Sorry to have gone on but please  please check and see if you can arange your own courire first it really is not that hard and somtimes cheaper.


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