Missing lost child alarm with water drowning sensor.

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Child missing & drowning alarm

This has become any partents worsed nightmare to find their child missing! and it really only takes one second to loose sight of them, this can be while at the shopping centre, on family trips, on holiday, or when they are playing in the garden of your own home.

To have more security to know your children are safey is paramount at all times

The other problem with kids safety is the danger of water from drowning! far to many accidents happen while on holiday in the sea or pools, even small ponds in your own home, children can be in danger in in's of water and the first seconds would count if you can help them if this happens!

Our alarm system can help with these problems, it is not there to take over your job as a parent but is there is help you and warn when these dangers happen.

The child would have a watch type strap fitted to their wrist, this is not a toy but looks great for small and older children with it's design, this unit can be re-charged with the adapter included in the pack.

The parent would have the base unit, which is small enough to be held or put in your bag, this takes normal size batteries, you can set the unit to alarm at the distance needed!! 10mtrs upto 50mtrs so you can control for the situation and the childs age and needs.

If the child move away past this distance set, the unit would give off a audible alarm and also would viberate so if the unit is in your bag or the noise levels around you are loud, you would hear the alarm and feel the warning.

You can easy reset the alarm and understand which direction your child has gone!! when you are within the area again the alarm would stop, so you know you are close to the child again.

If the childs strap detects water the alarm would sound in the same way so you know your child is in danger and you can help in the first seconds!!

This is a all in one system and is compact to carry, you can have upto two straps per unit, so is ideal if you have two children or twins, and can alarm if either of the children need help.


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