Mixing Guide For My Pearls & Metal Flakes

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How To Mix My Pigments & Metal Flakes (easy guide)

Candy Concentrate (Base Coat Candys)

Mixing Ratio's

The easiest way is to use around 10g poured into upto 1 Litre of your pre mixed clear basecoat or lacquer. An stir very well.

If a lighter shade or darker shade is required, add more candy concentrate for a darker shade an use less for a lighter shade.

It can also be mixed in the thinners your using first then added to the clear base coat or lacquer.

Ghost Pearls

Mixing Ratio's

Add 10-30g of pearl powder per 1 Litre of ready to use clear basecoat or lacquer

Metal Flake

Guidelines: 30-40g per 1 Litre


1. Start by the (Sanding, Priming your product/project, etc.) 
2. Apply 2-3 coats of Base coat. 
3.Add the flake to a clear base coat or lacquer and stir (the amount of flake you use will be determined by how strong you would like the effect to be)
4.Apply the flake in as many coats untill you get the effect you require. (Always spray test panels before spraying your product to see the effect and to ensure it is what you want) 
5.Apply lacquer untill the flake is fully covered and you have full a glossy finish.

(Also applicable through a dry flake gun)

Chameleon Pigments 

Add around 10g of chameleon powder to 1 litre l of good quality base coat and stir.

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