Mk 2 Mondeo 2 & 3 button RF remote locking

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First collect all the keys you wish to programme.(Maximum of 4)

Turn ignition from the OFF to the ON position four times within three seconds to enter the learning mode

Turn the ignition switch to the OFF position, The central security module will remain in the learning mode for 20 seconds, indicated by the LED beside the clock being illuminated continuosly.

Press any button on the transmitter being programmed, When the signal from the remote transmitter is accepted, the LED will flash.

To programme additional transmitters, repeat above with a 2 second delay after the LED flashes.

To exit learning mode turn ignition switch to the ON position, Or if no transmitter signal is recieved by the central security module after 20 seconds, the system will automatically exit the learning mode

Test all the programmed transmitters, by activating and deactivating the locking functions.


I have used this guide myself and know it works on a Mk2 Mondeo, it may also work on other Fords, What you got to lose, it's not like i'm charging for this info

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