Mobile Phone Battery Replacement Made Easy

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Mobile Phone Battery Replacement Made Easy with These 5 Replacement Parts

Changing the battery on a mobile phone ordinarily should not require any additional replacement parts to complete the job. However, the replacement of the device's power source can sometimes be an excellent opportunity to give the phone a full service. At the point in a mobile phone's life where the battery needs replacing, it is quite likely that a few other components may also be starting to look and feel a bit tired. Occasionally checking, cleaning, and replacing the more accessible components on a mobile phone can help to keep the device in good working order. Sourcing a few of the more common replacement parts in advance of a battery change can be a great way to breathe new life into a worn handset.

Replacement Phone Parts

Mobile phones are built up of several modular components, all of which are normally designed to be easily replaceable. Anyone who is capable of replacing the battery on a mobile phone should also be able to tackle the replacement of many of the device's other major components. It may be necessary to purchase a mobile phone repair kit, but as these are widely available and usually cost only a few pounds, this should not be a problem.

Battery Cover

If the battery cover is stiff to remove, resist the temptation to force it. Instead select a guitar pick pry tool from the mobile phone repair kit and use it to gently feel for the clips between the case and the cover. Remember to hold the battery cover release button, if the phone has one, while releasing the clips one at a time. Should any clips be too stubborn for the pry tool to open, it may be necessary to use a crowbar style device instead. It is very easy to damage the phone case and battery cover with this tool, so only use a very gentle leverage force between the two components. If the cover will not separate, it will be necessary to use a bench light and magnifying glass to examine the join, while gently levering it apart with a pry tool. Should the battery cover sustain any damage during the removal process, it may need to be replaced. If the damage is purely cosmetic, discretion can be used over whether or not it should be reused. Where any of the clips on the cover or the phone case are broken, the item should be replaced. Mobile phone battery covers are available to buy in a variety of colours. Therefore, finding a replacement to match should not be a problem.


If the lettering on the keypad has become worn and difficult to read, it may be worth considering swapping the item for a new one. A phone keypad is a cheap component and simple to change; however, doing so can give the phone a real lift. When installing a new keypad, most phones only require the outer casing of the device to be removed. This can be easily achieved with the tools and methods described for the removal of the battery cover.

Phone Case

While the phone is apart, it can be worth considering whether a replacement case is necessary. Examine the case for signs of wear, particularly to the clips which hold it together. If any of these show signs of damage, it is a good idea to replace the phone's case with a new one. The case is designed to protect the device's delicate internal components from damage if the phone is dropped. If the clips are damaged or worn, the case will not be able to properly protect the phone as it will itself come apart. The purchase of a replacement phone case should be seen as an excellent opportunity for an upgrade. Phone cases are now available which can offer the phone additional protection as well as enhancing its style. When choosing a case which offers a higher level of protection, remember that these can sometimes compromise the phone's ergonomics. When deciding on a new style of phone case, it is always worth considering the various social functions at which the device will be displayed. If used for work, the phone must retain a professional air while at the same time not appearing too formal in comparison to friends' devices.

Phone Cover

Many mobile phone owners also employ the additional protection of an external mobile phone cover. At the time of a battery service, it can be a good idea to also inspect this for wear and tear. If the cover is sewn together, check the stitching for signs of fraying. If it is worn or dirty, consider cleaning the outer surface of the cover. Where the cover needs more than basic cleaning and refurbishment, a replacement will need to be chosen. Phone covers, like phone cases, are available in a variety of styles and protection levels. Therefore, when upgrading a phone cover, it is just as important that the device's protection and style are considered. The best all round protection is usually given by a wallet style of cover. These are available in leather, or leather substitute, and offer the phone a good level of protection even when it is in use.

Memory Card

By the time the battery on a mobile phone needs replacing, it is likely that the SD card will also benefit from an upgrade. Year on year, SD cards capacities are always increasing, while at the same time the amount that is charged per unit of storage continues to fall. Because of this, upgrading the phone's memory can be a great way to make the phone feel more up to date. As most current personal computers have an SD card port, swapping the information between the two storage devices could not be simpler. The outgoing card can still be usefully employed, either as a spare or as a portable memory device for physically transferring information between friends or work colleagues.


By the time a mobile phone requires its first replacement battery, it is usually also due a full service. Removing and inspecting a few of the phone's outer components usually reveals some tired parts that need replacement. Pre-emptively changing components in this way can help to ensure that the phone is properly protected against future accidental damage. Adding a few new parts to a phone can also make the device feel like a whole new phone. As replacement phone parts can usually be sourced quite cheaply, the cost of upgrading a phone in this way is usually quite low for such a significant transformation.

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