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Many people think to them selves "What make or model of mobile phone should i buy" if this is you then you have came to the right guide, in this guide i am going to talk to u about which brand to buy and which brand of mobile phone you shouldnt buy;

the mobile phone you should always buy is NOKIA, they are known worldwide and produce excellent quality products and they are very easy to use, they also last long which is the best product of Nokia...where as Samsung, motorola, lg E.T.C ( but not sony ericsson. i will tell you about that later on) so these brands are not so good quality wise, if you drop them they can easily break and get damaged and the value of the phones are LOW...and nokias value are HIGH and remain high, but as everyone knows, you can get CHEAP phones from EbAY!!...

Sony ercisson on the other hand is the 2nd biggest brand and in my case the 2nd best brand...everyone knows sony is like the best brand ever made....that is why they produce quality products and sony are well known for there Cybershot and Walkman phones which are extremely good...soooo

the phones you should buy areeeee

Nokia 1st or 2nd Sonyericsson


Please note...i was bored whilst i wrote this, so if it bores you then dont blame me!

thank you for reading this

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