Mobile Software problems - help from Carphone Warehouse

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My partner bought a Mia off ebay for his daughter, less than a year old. When we got it, it was mint, but, the camera would just come on, for no reason, and take pics!

After speaking to Benq Siemens, they advised him to try carphone warehouse, as provided your phone was under warrenty, and could prove it, they can send it away for repair! If not, it would cost us £40, but they would confirm this with us first!

As the only receipt we have was the ebay one, we tried visiting our local branch. We were given the best Customer Service, and took the receipt as proof.

2 weeks later, they had given the phone a Firmware update, and didnt charge us!

Since then it turned out the phone had a massive fault, and as they checked the imei number which saif it was less than a year, they replaced it! And we arent even customers of theirs, we are Orange!

So, if you have a problem with your mobile, and you can prove its less than a year, go to the Carphone Warehouse, they may be able to give you a helping hand!

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