Mobile Tanks for Diesel or Gas Oil

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What to look out for when buying a mobile oil tank

The regulations for mobile tanks are different to that of static oil tanks.

You can move less than 1000 litres of gas oil or diesel on the highways without an ADR license if you are moving it in a tank which has UN Approval.  

If you purchase a tank without UN Approval you MUST have an ADR License which can cost you 1000's of pounds to get.

I seem some mobile tanks listed for sale as ADR approved but unless they have a UN number on them you are wasting your money.

It costs about £10,000 pounds to have a tank put through for UN Approval and therefore ensure you double check and ask to see a copy of the UN Approval certificate before you buy to ensure you are not wasting your money.  

You do not need a UN approved tank if it is only ever going to be used on site only.  

Tanks can be single skin UN Approved as long as they are always left on the back of a vehicle but if they are to be left onsite, they must be left in a bunded area.

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