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This method will work with any mobile phone that is locked to Orange.
This method also works with vodafone, tmobile,

Yes an Orange sim-locked (Nokia N80, n95) or any model of mobile phone bought off auction sites can be unlocked by Orange without much hassle. The procedure is

1.) buy phone
2.) buy Orange sim (£1 online)
3.) register imei with sim by calling 08000790006
4.) wait for phone to activate
5.) call orange on 450
6.) Request unlock code
7.) upload £20 to prepaid balance
8.) Wait few days for code

In the United Kingdom, government regulator OFCOM dictates that networks must release the unlocking information to customers for non-contract handsets (e.g. Pay as you go) on request. Consumers who purchase handsets under “Pay as you go” or a similar scheme are purchasing the handset outright at the point of sale, this has in effect made phone unlocking in the UK a consumer right.

UK Network providers are permitted to charge a fee for releasing the unlock code, this has prompted smaller businesses to offer cut price unlocking on the UK’s High Streets.


  • There are two main occasions when CheckMEND should be used - when buying and when selling.
  • When buying use CheckMEND to:
  • Protect yourself and your employees from buying, handling, trading, repairing stolen property and blocked mobile phones.
  • Check if a phone you wan't to buy will work if you take it abroad, why pay the top price for a phone that won't work when you take it on holiday?
  • Law Enforcement have access to the CheckMEND database via their online search portal they can therefore check any item on your premises to see if its been reported lost or stolen, or in the case of a mobile phone blocked by the networks.
  • CheckMEND is the most comprehensive history checking system available for mobile phones, laptops, pda's, PC's, audio visual equipment, cameras etc with daily downloads from the Police, the insurance and mobile phone industry and the Public.
  • Protect yourself, employees and your reputation, use CheckMEND as part of your due diligence and best practice.
  • Can be used by the trade and the public
  • Simple and easy to use online
  • Or via SMS (in the UK only)
  • All online searches are supported by a certificate of search. 
  • When Selling use CheckMEND to:
  • Give your buyers additonal confidence. Simply open an account and run a check on the item you want to sell.
  • Then simply quote the CheckMEND certificate number when you sell the item so the buyer can view it online by visiting CheckMEND and putting the number in the "Verify a Report" section of the web site.
  • Or if you prefer you can print out the certificate and show it to any buyer, they are then free to check the ceritificate at CheckMEND if they wish.
  • Please note: There is no charge for the buyer to check the certificate.



Here u are Unlocking bb5 phones... 

this is the place where dejan made it public, read it:

http : // www . gsmhosting . com/vbb/showthread.php?t=401813


******* CONECTION ******

For this program you need Fbus cable like DK5, CA43 or similar conected to ports from COM1 to COM9.
First unpack zip fiole and strat install.bat

In file "c:bb5_unlockerlogsbb5_unlocker.cfg" with any text editor change your COM port setings!

******* USING ********

Program can be started successfully only if is COM port in file "c:bb5_unlockerlogsbb5_unlocker.cfg" adjusted properly.

Reading info data from phone and making BACKUP file for that phone( Field 308,1).

IMPORTANT DO NOT delete or modify that file because can save your *** if something goes wrong.

With that function can write backup file with Field 308,1 if exist in BACKUP folder.


Function for making log file . With that log file BB5_calc.exe calculating codes for unlock.
Working with BB5 phones with RAP3G v.2.x (6630,6680,6681,6682,n70,n90).
IMPORTANT phone must be without Sim card.

Making unlock with codes calculated by BB5_calc.exe.


Connect cable to PC and be shure com port is adjusted properly
Start BB5logunlocker.exe
Connect phone and switch on without Sim card.
press button READ PHONE and wait until get the message DONE.
If is everything correct you will see info from phone on screen.
Pres button make log and wait until get mesage done.
Log file is in folder LOGS.
Start BB5_calc.exe to make for you PSW file in folder PSW
Press button SP UNLOCK and unlock your phone.

That is all folks

If you got unlock codes from your provider and you used all yours 3 attempts
to enter code via keypad then do the following:
into dir "c:bb5_unlockerpsw" create a file "aaaaaaaaaaaaaaa_BB5.psw" where is "aaaaaaaaaaaaaaa" enter your phones imei
then in that created file enter in the files start "#pw+bbbbbbbbbbbbbbb+c#" where is "bbbbbbbbbbbbbbb"
enter your unlock code and where is "c" enter your logs level number (1-7).
save the file and use "SP UNLOCK" function

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