Mobileye Powers Longest Driverless Ride

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Mobileye is a technology company which has two mantras

‘Revolutionary’ and ‘Saving Lives’. It is a company which is just reverential about its mission which are deeply embedded in its mantras. The core product around which all operation and developments revolve is a chip, which in its own right is a miracle based on a set of complex algorithms which will interpret data via a connected camera inside your vehicle in order for it to make split second decisions on braking, how to respond to traffic signs and its position in a lane.
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Revolutionary Driver Assistance System

By developing advanced driver assistance systems the company is one by one and slowly eliminating human error out of driving and making it a thing of the past. Which basically means the main reason for road accidents will now no longer be a part of the drivers vocabulary.
Till date the equipment and products developed by the company have been built into around 5.2 Million vehicles and counting. These products have introduced additional features such as alerts on when the driver is getting too close to a pedestrian or another vehicle or autonomous braking systems to prevent a crash. Having already premiered in top of the line luxury cars the feature are now very quickly filtering down to the mass market and will soon enough become standard features in new vehicles as anti-lock brakes.

Mobileye - New Israeli Start-Up

Around and in many parts of the globe, especially in Europe the Euro NCAP, the European safety standards assessment body, has made autonomous emergency braking part of the system for cars seeking its top five-star rating. Furthermore the US National Highway Traffic Safety Administration is adopting similar standards.

What these products offer as a combined package is more safety on the roads and more protection for the driver. These braking systems are just one of many autonomous driving features that will allow cars to detect traffic lights, animals and pedestrians, and — very soon — to drive for long stretches on their own, giving drivers the chance to take their hands off the wheel and immerse themselves in email or other tasks.

And don't forget to place your Smartphone in the Montar car mount .
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Montar - Mount

Don't forget to secure your phone with the Montar car mount  while using the Mobileye , compatible with all latest devices : Galaxy S6 , Galaxy S6 Edge, iPhone 6 , iPhone 5 , Note 4 and more..
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