Model Making With Wood

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Please select the wood carefully, paying close attention to which way you want the grain to be in the finished piece.

It is far easier to sand, seal and varnish before you start cutting the wood , as you do not need to struggle with tiny pieces, the glue will not stain the wood, (because it's varnished).

The best place to varnish is in the bathroom! Run the hot shower with the door closed for a minute or so the moisture will take any small particles from the air. Wait for the room to become moisture free and you can then varnish the piece.

Varnish and finishes in general are sometimes best applied with a lint free cloth. Go for lots of thin layers rather than thick. Light sanding between layers.

As a general rule the higher the sandpaper number the finer it is, emery cloth comes in much finer grades, wet and dry is perfect between varnish coats.

To apply tiny amounts of glue use a toothpick, wipe of excess right away.

If you need to use tiny nails blunt the ends to prevent them splitting the wood.

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