Modern Dining Room Set Buying Guide

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Modern Dining Room Set Buying Guide

Traditionally, the dining room consisted of a relatively large rectangular dining table, and at least six dining chairs. The end chairs historically have armrests, while the long side chairs remained unarmed. However, modern dining sets tend to defy tradition with tables available in various sizes, and all chairs lacking armrests. Modern dining room sets can be purchased at furniture stores, brick and mortar stores, and online.

Because dining sets play such a focal point in the modern dining room, adequate research should be conducted into the various options available before making a purchasing decision. Consumers should consider a number of factors for each type of furniture in the dining room set. For dining tables, room size, shape, and style should be factored into the buying process. Similarly, for dining chairs, size, number, and style should also be contemplated. In addition, budget or price should be weighed in the purchasing process as well. 

Dining Room Furniture

There are two basic types of furniture pieces that go into a modern dining room set. These two types of furniture are the the dining room table and the dining chairs. Often, the dining room set is an investment that will be used for years to come. While these two main types of furniture are typically purchased together in a set, there are a few factors that should be considered separately that are unique to each type.

Dining Table

The dining table is often the centre of the modern dining room. As a result, size of the room, shape, and style of the dining table are important factors to consider.

Room Size

It is important that the dining table is an adequate size to fit the dining room space available, as well as accommodate the number of people who will typically be using it. Before looking at dining tables, general measurements of the dining room should be taken. This includes taking into account the right amount of space available when chairs are pulled out away from the dining table. As a general rule of thumb, there should be about 122 centimetres between the edge of the table and the closest wall or piece of furniture.


Modern dining table shapes include more than just the traditional rectangle. For example, a smaller room might better accommodate a round or square table. On the other hand, a larger dining room could have adequate space for an oval or rectangle shape. The following chart cross-references table shape with the number of people that can be accommodated, as well as the specific measurements involved.

Number of People


Measurements (cm)



91.44 to 121.92



71.12 to 101.6

Four to Six


147.32 to 177.8



71.12 x 116.84 to 121.92 x 147.32

Six to Eight


91.44 x 152.4 to 121.92 x 182.88



91.44 x 152.4 to 121.92 x 182.88

Eight to Ten


91.44 x 203.2 to 121.92 x 233.68



91.44 x 91.44 to 203.2 x 233.68

Ten to Twelve


91.44 x 243.84 to 121.92 x 274.32

As this chart suggests, consumers are not limited to the traditional rectangular dining table. However, the number of people that will use the table and the space available, may play a part in deciding what shape dining room table is best for each consumer.


Modern dining room tables come in many styles that span variations of material, legs, and stains. Modern dining tables typically have very blunt edges, as opposed to more traditional rounded edges for rectangular and square tables. Whereas traditional dining room tables might come in a mahogany or cedar material, modern dining room tables are often made out of woods such as oak, maple, beech, or pine, or other materials such as metal or glass. The legs of a modern dining table generally consist of four straight and square or round legs at each corner, or two flanks that form an "X" shape and stabilise the table from the middle. While traditional dining tables often retain their natural colour, it is popular for modern dining room tables to be stained a bold colour such as black, white, or red. However, some modern dining tables also retain their natural colour as well.

Dining Room Chairs

With a dining room set, it is important to make sure that the dining chairs meet a consumer’s needs with regards to size and number of chairs. Dining room chairs should also coordinate adequately with the dining table for a finished and comprehensive look.


Colour and material are not the only factors to consider when deciding if a modern dining room table and chairs set is adequately coordinated. Most dining tables are 73.6 to 76.2 centimetres high. As a result, there should be about 30.48 centimetres from the seat of the chair to the top of the table. People typically sit most comfortably at chairs that are about 45.72 to 48.26 centimetres tall. While standard chair seats are 50.8 centimetres to 60.96 centimetres wide, some modern chairs are wider, depending on the dining set’s style.


Another huge factor to consider is how many dining chairs are needed. While most traditional and modern dining sets come with at least six chairs, a consumer should not stick to that hard and fast rule if more or less chairs are needed. As a general guideline, there should be at least enough chairs for the regular members of the household and at least two for guests.


Modern dining room chairs tend to shy away from upholstered seating. However, some modern dining chairs are padded with leather or suede materials covering just the seat or both the seat and back of the chair. Typically, the chairs are hardwood and match the dining table. Modern dining chairs usually have four straight round or square legs at each corner.


Price is an important factor for most consumers when looking to make a large investment, such as in a dining room set. While it is important to keep quality in mind, there are a few things that can affect the price of a modern dining room set. Hardwoods are beautiful and durable but are often the most expensive. A good alternative to hardwood is particle board or veneered woods. These materials can still last a long time with the right care. Another thing to consider is whether the modern dining room set comes fully assembled. For those that are willing to do the extra work, the price of a dining room set is typically lower for those sets that come in pieces and need to be put together. Although there are a few ways to cut corners on the price of a dining room set, quality should never be compromised for cost for a set intended to last a long time.

How to Buy Modern Dining Room Set on eBay

When purchasing a modern dining room set, it is important to consider what you want from both your dining room table and your dining room chairs. Modern dining room sets are available in various sizes, shapes, and styles, and can be purchased in furniture stores, brick and mortar stores, and online. eBay has a great selection of quality modern dining room sets for every budget. For example, if you have your heart set on a sleek black dining room set, eBay can help you find out what options are available within that preference. Once within the eBay website, simply type "black dining room set &" into the keyword search at the top of any page and click search. All available black dining room set options will then be populated for you to view at your leisure. Additional dining room sets can be searched in exactly the same way.

Purchasing a dining room set is a large and long-lasting investment. As a result, be sure to take advantage of eBay's Top-Rated Sellers.. Top-Rated Sellers are those sellers that provide accurate descriptions, ship their products consistently, and charge fair postage, time and time again. Providing this function is just one way eBay makes the process of purchasing a dining room set easy and hassle-free. 


Dining room sets are often the focal point in the modern dining room. The dining room is often where people entertain guests, enjoy meals with family and friends, and store fine dishware. As a result, a consumer should not take shortcuts when determining what size, shape, and style of dining room set is right for their needs and fits their specific dining room. Doing the right research before the purchasing process requires examining characteristics of both modern dining tables, as well as modern dining chairs.

Since most dining room furniture comes in a set, it is important that the consumer is satisfied with the entire purchase. While modern dining sets tend to stray away from some of the characteristics of more traditional dining room sets, that should not dissuade a consumer from investing in a modern dining room set. Most modern dining room sets are versatile enough to remain relevant and durable throughout the years.

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