Modern Tractors and Their Many Different Applications

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Modern Tractors and Their Many Different Applications

A modern tractor is a powerful engineering vehicle that can easily tackle some of the most difficult agricultural tasks. It has particularly been designed for delivering high torque at low speeds so that a trailer or machinery used in construction or agriculture can be hauled. With evolution over many decades, modern tractors are able to perform tasks that their predecessors were not able to do. There was a time when a team of people and animals was required to carry out certain agricultural tasks like ploughing, planting, and general maintenance on a farm, but now all of this can be achieved by using a single modern tractor operated by a single individual.

Tractors have been used for many different applications over the decades and more applications are being explored. A buyer should have a general understanding of the various types of modern tractors and their applications to make an informed purchasing decision. Tractors and their parts and accessories can be acquired from special farm equipment outlets, or shoppers can search online from the comfort of home. As an example, eBay features a large collection of modern tractors and accessories to suit a wide range of needs.

Applications for the Different Types of Modern Tractors

Tractors have evolved greatly over the years and now have a number of variations and applications. Every type has its own pros and cons. From different models and makes to various conditions and prices, modern tractors can be used for many applications, and research is ongoing at a great pace for the optimisation of the equipment and energy resources.

Farm Tractors

Tractor is a general term, and more often than not, it is used to describe vehicles that are used on farms. The many uses of farm tractors include tilling, harrowing, pushing or pulling trailers or other agricultural machinery, disking, planting, and other miscellaneous tasks. A large variety of speciality farm tractors are being manufactured for specific needs as described in the following table:

Type of Farm Tractor

Applications and Features

Row Crop Tractor

Offers an adjustable tread width that allows the vehicle to pass through the rows or lanes of crops without crushing them

Standard/Wheatland Tractor

Has lower centre of gravity and fixed wheels

Used for ploughing and other heavy field work in broadcast crops

High Crop Tractor

Has adjustable tread and increased ground clearance

Used for cotton cultivation and other high-growing, row crop plant operations

Utility Tractor

Has a comparatively shorter turning radius

Smaller tractor with a low centre of gravity

Used around the farmstead for general purposes

Helpful in landscape maintenance, non-farm grading, and excavation purposes when used along with backhoes, loaders, pallet forks, et cetera

Lawn Tractor

Used for lawns, suburban and semi-rural gardening, and landscape maintenance

Found in a wide range of configurations

Farm-type tractors are also used other places besides on farms. For example, the gardening departments of large universities and public parks sometimes use these types of tractors. The applications and features outlined in the table do not necessarily hold true for all models of a particular type. A buyer should read through the specifications of different models before making a purchase.

Precision Agriculture/Farming Tractors

Farm tractors also have optional features these days that expand on their basic capabilities. The popular ones include GPS devices and robust on-board computers. These technologies are a part of the present-day 'precision farming' techniques. Ploughing, for example, can now be automated, and autosteer systems (drones) can be used for precise cultivation, which ensures fuel efficiency and proper alignment without leaving streaks.

Modern Engineering Tractors

'Engineering vehicle' is a term used when a tractor is connected to engineering tools. Tractors generally have high engine power and are durable, which is why they are an excellent option for carrying out engineering tasks. They can easily be joined with buckets, dozer blades, rippers, hoes, and other engineering tools. Buckets and dozer blades are the most common front-end attachments for tractors.

The primary task of some tractors is to push and drag. Such tractors are mostly 'tracked vehicles' that run on continuous tracks, rather than on wheels. Construction vehicles, unmanned ground vehicles, and military armoured vehicles are the most common kinds of tracked vehicles. A 'bulldozer' is also a tracked vehicle and an extremely powerful tractor. It has a rope-winch attached to the back and a blade on the front. The ground-hold of such vehicles is great as it is supposed to push and drag.

Loader tractors, a smart modification of bulldozers, have a large size bucket at the front instead of a blade and hydraulic arms that are capable of raising and lowering the bucket. The bucket can then be used to scoop rocks, mud, and more to load into the same or another tractor. Also called a front-loader, a loader features an engineering tool consisting of two hydraulic powered arms, one on each side of the front engine compartment. Small size bulldozers are highly effective in small work areas as limited movement prevents large bulldozers from operating in such places. For working on excavation projects in confined areas, tiny wheeled loaders or skid-steer loaders (informally called 'Bobcat' after the manufacturer) are a highly suitable option.

Backhoe Loaders

One of the most common variations on traditional farm tractors is the backhoe loader. 'JCB' is a generic term commonly used in the U.K. for most engineering vehicles. A backhoe loader is also known as a digger, loader backhoe, or simply a backhoe. As the name implies, it is a heavy engineering vehicle that consists of a bucket attached to the front of the tractor and a small backhoe attached to a three-point hitch on the back. Backhoe loaders are common in urban engineering and construction projects due to their versatility and relatively small size. Tractor-loader-backhoe (TLB) is also a term used for such machines. Backhoes usually have a seat that swivels to the back to face the hoe controls. Generally, the removable backhoe loaders have separate seats on the attachment.

Backhoe loaders are a pretty common form of modern tractor with an array of applications. They are equally good for tasks like construction, transportation of lightweight building materials, small demolitions, loading trucks, digging holes, and paving roads. Their versatility and performance have made them one of the most popular and outstanding urban construction vehicles.

Compact Utility Tractors

A compact utility tractor (CUT) is a modern, modified form of general agriculture tractor designed primarily for estate management and landscaping. CUTs generally range between 20 hp to 50 hp. The available power take-off (PTO) ranges between 15 hp to 45 hp. A front-end loader (FEL) is a popular CUT attachment. These tractors, like traditional tractors, have a three-point hitch that is adjustable and can be hydraulically controlled. Roll over protection structures have been declared mandatory by the regulatory bodies around the world for many types of tractors.

Compact backhoes can also be attached to compact utility tractors. Special, comparatively smaller implements are required for CUTs. Some of the most common implements include the landscape rake, rotary cutter, grader blade, broadcast seeder, box blade, rototiller, and subsoiler.

How to Buy a Modern Tractor on eBay

Because shipping charges on a vehicle can be extremely high, you should enter your postcode as a filter on any searches you run in order to find tractors in your vicinity. If you are not able to find a modern tractor that suits your needs in your area, then you can consider other options that include transporting the tractor. One easy way to find the desired product in no time is to use the convenient search bar. To start your search, enter a query into the search bar on the eBay home page. For some queries, eBay suggests related searches that may also help narrow the results. Some queries in this case might be modern tractors, farm tractors, loader tractors, or CUTs.

For greater insight, it is recommended that you go through the client feedback and seller history before placing an order. If you are lucky enough to find a tractor in your area, you can drive it off the lot as soon as your purchase is complete.


A tractor connected to engineering tools is called an engineering vehicle. Modern tractors are powerful engineering vehicles designed in such a way that they have high torque and low speeds that are suitable for hauling trailers and other machinery. The popular types of modern tractors include farm tractors, modern engineering tractors, and backhoe loaders. Modern tractors already have numerous applications, and more and more possibilities are being explored around the globe.

Preliminary knowledge of the different types of modern tractors and their specific applications is essential for a buyer to choose the right equipment. Every type of modern tractor has its own pros and cons. Once a buyer has learned about the various types and their applications by carrying out some simple research, he or she can decide on a type and start the search for the right tractor. Farm equipment dealers operate in some areas. As an alternative, eBay offers a large collection of tractors, both modern and vintage, and related accessories to satisfy many needs.

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