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I am always on the look out for the latest bargain, and through e-bay I manage to keep my home modern without breaking the bank,
My guide checklist to keep my spending curbed, goes something like this
  • type in the colour i require first such as black and white
  • then tick the kind of item i want such as home, furniture ect
  • cancel out all new things unless they are new without tags as these tend to be cheaper
  • look at items that only have a couple of hours to go
  • browse through until you find something the same or similair to what you require.
  • always offer something if the offer button is available.
  • never put a bid on until the last day ever
I have managed to furnish and accessorise my whole house very cheaply this way, sometimes even the grubbiest of items come up with a really good clean. It is always the ones that try and sell perfect items for nearly new prices that i avoid. I look for the 99p start items that require a little tlc, sometimes its a clean sometimes its a bit of glue but in the end a little know how can save you hundreds of pounds.
Homemade furnishings are cheaper than too, theyre are some lovely curtain and cushion makers on e-bay, and their prices are often 1/3 cheaper than a generic store.

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