Money Saving Tips for Buying Image Collections

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IF YOU INTEND TO MAKE PRINTS don't  be lured into buying image collections where a      large quantity is trumpeted in the headline (common on  eBay). You can't beat the law of physics and fit a quart  into a pint pot! It can be expensive to ignore copyright  laws also, as many amateur sellers commonly do. Here are  a few tips:
1. The larger the  quantity the less you will get (in quality). Don't be  lured into buying large numbers of low quality, tiny size images that are simply unprintable. Thousands  of images on a  CD simply means wasted money!
2. Many popular collections offered, such as stars signatures  and branded advertising, may well be under copyright  protection. If a  seller's description encourages you to start a business             selling such prints be very wary - ask first.
3. Are the antique images enhanced for printing or  otherwise restored? This task can mean a great deal of  work.
4. Make sure the supplied images are both a suitable  size physically for making prints and well over the  basic 72psi often supplied. Image pixels are often  quoted as a physical dimension but this can be very  misleading for beginners if they need to  compress them themselves to achieve a high enough  resolution/physical size ratio for saleable prints (assuming the supplied quality is high enough to begin with).
Be careful out there - or buy from Timecamera!

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