Monty Python Contemporaries

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There are a number of performers contemporary with Monty Python, so here is a guide.

Douglas Adams: Cambridge graduate who worked with Graham Chapman, well known for many incarnations of Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy and Dirk Gently novels. Died in 2001.

Ronnie Barker: Comedy actor and writer-most famous for double act with Ronnie Corbett, which see.

Connie Booth: Writer and actress, most famous for writing and performing, along with John Cleese in Fawlty Towers, who she was married to. Performed too, in Python.

Carol Cleveland: Most famous of the actresses who worked with Python, She also performed with The Two Ronnies and Spike Milligan. She was also a Bunny Girl.

Denise Coffey: Performer in Do Not Adjust Your Set.

Ronnie Corbett: A scottish comedian and actor who performed with John Cleese etc. on the Frost Report. Also performed here with Ronnie Barker, and did so later in the series The Two Ronnies. Several Pythons wrote for this show too.

Barry Cryer: A writer and performer for The Frost Report. He was the warm up man for Monty Python. John Cleese worked with him on I'm Sorry I Haven't a Clue, which is now more famous for.

Marty Feldman: A comedian and writer who helped commision Monty Python. He is best known for the radio series Monty Python as well as performing in the film Young Frankenstein.

David Frost: Slightly older than the Pythons, he gave them their (probably) biggest break in The Frost Report. More famous now for his interview with Richard Nixon and political interviews.

Neil Innes: Wrote songs for the Pythons. Teamed up with Eric Idle to do Rutland Weekend Televison and The Rutles.

David Jason: Performed in Do Not Adjust Your Set, more famous now for being in Only Fools and Horses and Inspector Frost (no relation to David Frost).

Jo Kendall: Comedienne, performed in I'm Sorry I'll Read That Again. Also known for being in the Burkiss Way.

Aimee MacDonald. Not to be confused with the Scottish singer, she did the links in At Last the 1948 Show, known as the lovely Aimee MacDonald.

Barry Took: A comedian and writer who helped commision Monty Python. He is best known for the radio series Round the Horne.

Dick Vosborugh: A deep voiced American who lived in Britain, who wrote and performed in How to Irritate People, a forerunner of Python, as well as The Frost Report.


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