Moon Sand ---- Question and Answers

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****** Suitable for ages 3+ ******

Questions and Answers

Q) How do I separate the Moon Sand from the mold?
1. Try lightly tapping the mold to remove the sand.
2. Sand may be packed too tightly in mold, remove sand and try repacking with less sand.
3. The coating on sand can leave a residue on molds after repeated use which can cause the sand to stick to the mold. Wash the molds with warm water and a sponge with liquid dishwashing detergent. Do not allow sand to come in contact with soap or liquid soap.

Q) Is the Moon Sand NON-TOXIC?
A) Yes, the Moon Sand is absolutely NON-TOXIC. All of the ingredients are inert and cannot be absorbed by the body.

Q) Does Moon Sand contain wheat or gluten?
A) Moon Sand DOES NOT contain wheat, gluten, milk, egg, casein or peanut ingredients.

Q) What is the life span of Moon Sand?
A) The life span of Moon Sand is endless under proper care.

Q) Can Moon Sand lose its colour?
A) Moon Sand can lose its pigmented colour if exposed to extreme heat (desert like temperatures) for long periods of time.

Q) Where is the best area to play with Moon Sand?
A) Playing with Moon Sand on a carpeted area is ideal as it makes for an easier clean up by use of a vacuum as opposed to sweeping. Sand that is on hard wood flooring can make the surface slippery.

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