More Football Issues

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Just a few more issues:-

Over the last few months Wayne Rooney's autograph has become more difficult to get, and indeed what you do get is so varied as to give the impression that each autograph has been done by a different person, and that doesn't help collectors. There are so many different types and styles of his signature around that is impossible to prove conclusively whether an autograph is genuine or not.

I therefore offer this advice, ONLY buy from AFTAL/UACC dealers, and then make sure you ask where the signature was obtained and if you are then satisfied buy it, if not then don't!

Also a few anomalies for you:

1. Owen Hargreaves has changed his autograph from "Owen" to the Hargreaves you now get, so don't be put off by the difference, as it is quite dramatic. And there is no need to question one you already have if it seems totally different to the ones you will now see. Just ask when the autograph was obtained and a rough guide says anything prior to the last World Cup is likely to be just signed "Owen".

2. Nicolas Anelka is famous for changing his autograph for every club he has played for, in fact they can be roughly dated and attached to a particular club in his career, so be careful not to assume they are all fakes, they may not be.

3. John Terry is also difficult to get, along with Steven Gerrard, especially on any photograph. Try using autograph books as they tend to be less threatening to the players.

Hope this second guide helps, remember if you have any questions about Football in general then by all means let me know.






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